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Fun Learning at Home with Educational Smartphone Apps for Children Posted by on Sep 27, 2015

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Is It Right to Choose Homeschooling for Kids when Both Parents Work? Posted by on May 14, 2014

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Technical Skills to Support Your Resume

Technical Skills to Support Your Resume Posted by on Apr 4, 2014

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Wonder if Tutoring is a Good Job

I have been looking for a job for a good while now. I have one working in a little grocery store, but I hate it pretty much. The old guy who owns the place really loves to yell at me, and it does not really matter if he has a reason to do it or not. In fact he yells a lot and just as often it is at some other person. This morning I went to talk to a guy who is running a home tuition agency, thinking that maybe I would be able to make decent money working as a tutor. Of course I am a good student and I am especially good at math and chemistry. At least I am good at what they call descriptive chemistry. That means that they take all of the really difficult stuff out of it.

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Tips to Writing a Good Essay Quickly

In some cases, writing a good essay for a timed exam like the high school’s Advanced Placement exam is necessary. This task has to be done as quickly as possible whether you procrastinated on writing it or you allowed it to sneak up on you. Even though a last minute essay will never be as perfect as one you spent your time on, it is still doable. With some hard work and some planning, you can write that essay quickly and make it good enough for passing that exam.

Read Others’ Essays

Much like reading those books that help perfect your writing style subconsciously, reading others’ essays will also help to build and develop your writing style. Take some time and read a few essays written by others including those of academics and your peers. Go through essays of various subjects and not just the topic you are studying. This will allow you to get a grasp on different styles and arguments, therefore, the more essays you read, the more potential techniques you pick up and use in your own essays. You can check out some essays by visiting

Study the Essay Question

The essay will generally be directed by a prompt or requirement such as a quote that has a question. It’s essential that you carefully read and understand exactly what it’s asking of you.

Brainstorm and Gather Ideas

Gather up facts, quotes and other pieces of information that you read and categorize together into topics and sub-topics that are related. Try to present 3 strong points that you will use to support your argument. Brainstorming can also help you develop and revise your thesis. There are various sources available to you for brainstorming and gathering ideas and topics such as your library, newspaper archives or online journals.

Drafting up Your Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement should be a well-thought out, succinct and clear argument. You have an idea at this point of what you want to claim, however, you might still need to revise your thesis as you go. It might have to be re-written because it’s too broad, for instance.

Craft an Outline

The outline you come up with will be used to guide you and organize your main subject sentences as well as following pieces of evidence so help support your argument. These also provide you with a snapshot of how the sequence and logic of your argument is structured.

Good Vocabulary

You can express what you mean better, clearer and more concise with a good vocabulary. A good essay’s characteristics are its economy with words since readers prefer not to read long and rambling points that a half of number of words could have expressed.

Support Your Argument with Clear Statements

While writing your paper, ensure each sentence relates to your thesis directly. Don’t include extra words that are not adding any value to your sentences. Every sentence you write should be concise and clear with confusing constructions or words.

Edit and Revise

The editing and revising stage of paper writing is essential. Always allow some time to go over your essay and revise it accordingly. In fact, do this step a couple of times. Be sure to check all punctuation, spelling, grammar and appropriate word use. You can even remove some sentences entirely if necessary.

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Why is cheating wrong for you?

We have all heard from teachers that cheating is not good. However, each of us has cheated at least once in a lifetime. It was in school, college, university, or work.

In our modern society, the roots of cheating lie in the unethical competition. It has been investigated by David Callahan, famous American political scientist and author of the books The Cheating Culture and The Moral Center. In the book The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead, he noted that modern society, especially American society, characterized by critical inequality and a winner-take-all philosophy. It produces the cheating that has been observed in education, business, law, journalism, science and medicine. All students want higher results for most prestigious university and more payable job. Some of the people in order to achieve better objectives, than they deserve, use these unethical actions such as cheating, writing off and plagiarism. It breaks the principle of social fairness.

Nowadays there exists a whole plagiarism industry for students. On the Internet you can find many sites in this branch. These sites offer you “education” services. For example, there you can pay and get 24 hour essay writing for you. Also on the Internet you can find gadgets, apps and technologies for cheating. So, this shows that some people are ready tolerate cheating and plagiarism, because “the end justifies the means”. But this is a wrong way, because cheating harms you more than helps.

Academic society has failed to clearly articulate why academic dishonesty is wrong.  And academic society has failed to convince most students of genuine commitment to academic fairness. This is not surprising, because as noted by David Callahan: “In my opinion, when the well-known, influential people are dishonest, it once again convinces the youth that cheating is acceptable.”

So, why is cheating harmful for you, if it could be a way to get into prestigious university or take a good job?

First of all, you should ask yourself:  What is the purpose of a good education, and especially your education? Is it not to prepare students for adult life, teach them to analyze and solve problems in the professional field?

Boys and girls, who learned to write off, will be not able to master these valuable skills. Cheating is a great self-deception, because you believe that you have more knowledge and skills than you actually have. It is pretty risky for you. People, who become used to dishonesty, simply mask their weakness, limiting their chances of success in different fields of their life.

Cheating is not only self-deception. It is also the deception of parents, teachers, other students and the educational system in general. Cheaters receive through deception, what honest students work hard for. It depreciates the diploma and education in all, because value of education lies in student’s efforts to get knowledge and skills. And cheating as well as any other deception will be revealed sooner or later. Among other things, the cheaters risk of being caught and subsequently this will certainly lead to bad consequences. So at the least they will experience embarrassment and shame.

Cheating causes dependence of the Internet, gadgets and other people. Just imagine. What will you do in the situation when no one will be near you, who could you ask to help? You will be helpless. It will be pretty problem situation.

Also, cheating leads to lack of originality and then, as a consequence, the decline of intelligence. So, originality is more important than school grades. David Callaghan said, that “the one who from childhood was looking for easy ways, such unfair doing in school, can be guided by the habit and workplace.” This type of people can be compared with fake watches or clothes that are good only in appearance.

How can you overcome the desire of cheating in education?

Honesty is the key to success. First of all, you should decide what is more important to you: easy grades or skills and knowledge. If you want to achieve success, you should be patient, because only hard efforts can give what you really deserve.

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Fun Learning at Home with Educational Smartphone Apps for Children

Sep 27, 15 Fun Learning at Home with Educational Smartphone Apps for Children

Having kids who are also young school students, helping them to learn more and more things at home is factually your responsibility. Yes, you can never just rely on the education provided by the school. Even though basically, the education from the school is good, but, it is still the part of your responsibility to deal with the education of your children. School is only one of the means for you to give better education for your children. And of course, you need to get the right method in educating your children. Certainly, the way to teach them about many subjects, like math, reading, writing, and so on, should be made suitable to their age. In this case educational smartphone apps for kids are definitely helpful.

These educational smartphone apps are really effective in solving kids’ curiosity about using your phone even if they are not old enough. In the other hand, the applications can be the media for you to teach them various subjects in a totally fun way. The apps are usually not only filled with colorful images but also nice sounds and music. Many apps are even made based on famous children characters that your kids will definitely love. Besides the facts that some apps are made with a lot of features and learning options, you need to know that those are often shared for free.

As modern parents, it is really recommended for you to take advantage of technologies in teaching your kids when they are not at school. The use of educational smartphone apps designed especially for kids is one of the example ways. Search for the best learning apps your kids need the most to enhance their educational ability and see the best result yourself. Yes, this kind of method is going to make your kids love to learn even more because they can have fun and at the same time, without any of their consideration, they are actually studying and learning.

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