Who are Britain’s Happiest Workers?

Just how happy are you in your job? This is what researchers recently asked 2,000 workers, including 299 teachers, to find out who was happiest at work and what made them happy or discontented.

The research, commissioned by Surbiton High School, asked the workers to rate their level of contentment in 11 main areas, including pay, perks, promotion prospects and interpersonal relationships. Scored out of 10, it was found that:

  • Workers were most pleased with their holiday entitlement and relations with colleagues, rating both a seven.
  • Opportunities for progression or promotion rated five.
  • Many employees were not happy with the perks they received (suggesting that laptops, mobile phones or private health care could be included in their employment package) giving this a lowly four.

The workers were also asked to identify other aspects that they considered important to them:

  • 35% considered an easy commute to work to be important
  • 34% would like to be able to organise their own work load
  • 33% wanted to feel that they were making a difference
  • 22% wanted to be able to chat with people every day
  • 18% would appreciate an annual bonus
  • 14% would be happier with regular tea breaks

The study estimated that, overall, the average British adult is 59% happy at work.

Commenting on the findings, Surbiton High School principal Ann Heydon said it was encouraging to find that so many people were relatively satisfied at work at a time when job security in some companies was still an issue. She noted that, for many, happiness at work was determined more by what they could achieve and the difference they could make rather than pay, values that Surbiton tried to instil in its pupils.

As for the happiest workers, those in teaching jobs topped the list; their only real issues being lack of perks and limited promotion opportunities due to the bottleneck in the education sector. Secretaries came second, their favourable workloads and good relationships with their bosses keeping them happy.

The full list of Britain&#8217s happiest professions is:

  1. Teacher
  2. Secretary
  3. Engineer
  4. Accountant
  5. Driver
  6. Shop assistant
  7. Caterer
  8. Tradesman
  9. Lawyer/solicitor
  10. Customer care/call centre

Taylor Morrison &#8211 a commentator of the British employment industry, written on behalf of Randstad Education, UK.

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Achieve Success from Leading

Driving high performance and achieving successful business results are the hallmarks of great leaders. In today’s competitive business world great leaders are the enabling force that empower people to realize their potential and organisations to achieve their strategic objectives.

Realizing business success is all about aligning the aims of the organisation with the needs of its people. Leading high performance requires that leaders possess a broad skill set which may not necessarily include technical ability or high intellect, although obviously these things help.

In order to succeed in our current diverse and competitive business environment, today’s leaders require behaviors and attributes which are human focused – in other words they need to understand and interact with other people exceptionally well.

The need for leaders to be continually developing themselves both personally and professionally has only increased. In the past, leaders may have climbed the career ladder based on their technical expertise or experience. However, leaders these days must also have up-to-date and relevant skills. These can be developed by attending a leadership skills course or through good management and leadership training.

There are numerous leadership skills which are vital for success in this role. We have picked 3 leadership essentials below which we believe support high performance:
1) ‘Sell’ the vision
Having a compelling vision for the future of an organisation is only part of the story. Once you have developed the vision you need to communicate it to your people and ‘sell’ the benefits. In order for people to perform at their highest level they need to be convinced that working towards the vision is a positive thing, both for them personally and for the organisation as a whole.
2) Make an impact
Being an impressive leader requires that you make an impact and you can only do this if you are actually visible throughout the organisation. Every great leader has the ability to influence and persuade others and possesses a great deal of personal presence. Leaders of this calibre inspire high performance by modelling it themselves.
3) Develop emotional intelligence

The ability to really ‘get’ other people and understand what makes them tick is an essential part of developing a high performing culture. If you can relate to others’ views of the world you stand much more chance of motivating them. Maintaining control over your thoughts and emotions and being able to manage and motivate yourself is also crucial to effective leadership.

Author: Karen Osborn is a highly experienced Key Account Manager working in the Learning & Development arena on bespoke development programmes and organisational culture. Karen leads and creates effective learning & development programmes for a range of clients at leading training consultants, Thales Training & Consultancy.

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Get Online Education Classes for Learning Disability from Universal Class

Aug 17, 13 Get Online Education Classes for Learning Disability from Universal Class

Education is very important for all people in the world. By having good education background, we will be able to get good career. Yes, indeed, it is true. Whenever you are applying for a job, the first thing which will be checked by the recruiter is your educational background. The better your educational background gets, you will find it easier to be employed and have great career. Unfortunately, not all people can get better education. There are some factors that influence people to get better education. Some children are coming from low economy family that will make them so difficult to get better education. The other children are difficult to get better education because they have some problems such as neurological disorder. It makes children need different type of education than other normal children. One of neurological disorders that commonly occur is learning disability. Not all people understand what the meaning of learning disability is. You, who don’t know about it, better read this article and you will understand more about it.

Like it is said above learning disability is one of neurological disorder that makes children are difficult to learn something. Some children with learning disability usually are smart children but they may difficult to read, spell, or write some things. This learning disability can’t to be fixed or cured but when you give right support and intervention, you can make them free from their difficulties. Children with learning disability need special education. Today you can find some places offer you special class for learning disability. You can make your children get best education that is suitable with their condition. You never need to leave your home because you can accompany your children when they get their class. You can choose online education for learning disability class from many online courses and education services out there.

When you join in such sites you will know more information that good for your children with learning disability. You better choose best online class for your children. For instance, your children will get 6 months class and course cost for online education for learning education is $55.00. Your children will get certificate too. This place is better place for your children who have learning disability because there are some professional instructors. Although your children will get their class via online, your children will get all things in maximum way. You can see the development that your children will have after they get online class from Universal Class. There are some topics that parents can get too to help their children free from their condition. Your support is very important for your children. You must support their hobby and all positive things that your children do. You must make your children feel confident and it is better starting point to reach better future and career.

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Becoming a RN: What a Great Career for Your Future

It is true that to get job at this recent time is not easy. For your information, if you have not noticed about it, the amount of job vacancies and the job seekers is not in balance. There are too many job seekers but the chances seem to be so little. If you are still studying, you need to pay attention to this starting from now on. It is a great situation if you are still in high school. Thus, you can think much further about your later education when you enter the college.

You must know that there are so many college students out there who feel so regretful because when they have graduated, they do not really know how to be employed since the chance is so limited. It seems that they have chosen the wrong major. Make sure you do not face this situation later on. Starting from now on, you need to seek for the greater career chance for at least 10 years later. Well, about this matter, have you ever heard about RN? RN stands for registered nurse. This kind of job is really great. You must learn about how the people are getting more aware about their health condition. RN is working together with the other medical workers to provide health care service to the people. In other words, this job is really promising in the future. For addition, as an RN, you are also able to give education to the other people to deal with health care properly. It can be said that the chance for an RN to be employed is really big. And about the money you can earn, well, there is nothing to worry about. In a year, an RN can surely make a lot of money although the amount might vary from one place to the others. The obligation of different working places might be different, but you can feel relieved because the standard salary for an RN is high enough to make you live wealthily.

Now that you have known how great a career as an RN can be, you should be wondering about the information on becoming a RN. Of course, there will be some requirements you need to get through and also the education. You can simply visit Collegequest.com if you want to know more about this. Do not hesitate to make this career as your future because it will be really promising. Do not let yourself become an unemployment after you graduate from college. Unlike the other career chances which might be limited, this one will be next to be unlimited. Prepare everything from now on so you will not be regretful and disappointed in the future.

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