How to Vet Your Employees

Are you a department head looking to fill the ranks? Or maybe you’re a newly-promoted manager who isn’t sure what’s expected of you when it comes to the hiring and firing of employees. Whatever your reasons for thinking about employee verification, here are just three ways to ensure they were honest on their resume.

1. Run A Background Check

Simple background checks will prove that they aren’t wanted felons. More in-depth checks can reveal things like education, job history, financial standing and lawsuits filed by or against them. Never hire an employee without scattering the ghosts first.

2. Check Their Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are a great way to get the measure of a candidate without even needing to interview them. You can gauge everything from integrity to intelligence level when you examine the kinds of photos they post, the kind of comments they leave and the kind of people they friend. You’ll also be warned right away if they’re slackers or bad-mouthers.

3. Call Their References

References usually provide the most honest assessments of someone’s character, especially if they’re a former boss or supervisor; they’ll be able to tell you all about the candidate’s attitude, personality, punctuality and work ethic. If you don’t feel like cold-calling them yourself, you can also enlist professional reference checking companies to do the job for you. Find out more by clicking here.

These are just three ways to vet job applicants before rolling out the red carpet for them. If you’re serious about only hiring the best, do your research first.

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How to Get Noticed on the Web

Do you run an award-winning YouTube channel? Do millions of followers breathlessly await your updates on Twitter and Vine? If you think you have what it takes to be the next social media mogul, here are five tips for getting yourself discovered.

1. Find Your Niche

Even if you’re an entrepreneur of many talents, it’s important that you don’t stretch yourself too thin when you’re first starting out on the web. For example, don’t try to be an actor, musician and producer at the same time. Choose one area to focus on until you’ve established a fanbase. Then, you can branch into new things with a built-in audience.

2. Keep Generating Content

Saturate the market with your posts, tweets, videos, concerts or blog entries. The more content you upload, the more exposure you’ll enjoy. Think of it this way: What are the odds that you, personally, would notice a single clip on YouTube? Now, what are the odds if that clip was just one of a series uploaded daily?

3. Join a Talent Agency

A good talent management agency can take you from small-time videos to big-profit revenue. Not only will they offer opportunities, promotions and advertisements, but their contacts can also give you a leg up within the industry itself. You never know when networking will put you in the right place at the right time for your big break.

4. Respond to Reviews

It doesn’t matter if you’re a virtual makeup expert or the world’s next tech guru: Always listen to the feedback of your audience. Do they think your videos run a little long? Do they like certain background music more than others? Don’t be afraid to ask them directly how their experience on your channel can be improved.

5. Utilize All Site Features

Are you using everything that your platform offers? If you’re on YouTube, you should be creating playlists and personalized thumbnails. If you’re on Facebook, you’re missing out on serious marketing opportunities by not using Sponsored Stories. Take advantage of all the unique features of your social media sites. This is how you’ll distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd.

Gone are the days when video editing was just a hobby. Current social media stars can generate millions of dollars a year through ads, affiliates and real-world sponsorship deals. If you’re ready to enjoy the same success, follow these tips for getting noticed on the web.

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How and Why to Start a Career in Cosmetology

A cosmetology career is rewarding both for the individual and for the many lives that he or she will touch. A skilled cosmetologist can help hundreds of people feel more beautiful and confident. With a two-year associate’s degree, an individual will learn how to care for and style hair as well as provide relaxation and spa services.

Typically, all that is required to begin a cosmetology degree is a high school diploma. The coursework incorporates a variety of skills, such as hair cutting and styling, nail care and makeup application. Many schools also include business classes in the curriculum because of the likelihood that the students will own their own businesses. In fact, many cosmetologists are self-employed. These classes will include business management, health and safety, and state regulations for salon ownership.

After receiving an associate’s degree, the individual must usually pass a test before beginning his or her career. These tests are regulated by the states; therefore, regulations differ from state to state. Some states have only written examinations while others incorporate oral and practical skills.

An individual with a cosmetology degree has a variety of options for where their degree will lead them. For example, the individual may work in a salon, preferring the stability and constancy of clients and the simplicity of working for someone else. Another option would be starting his or her own salon business, hiring other cosmetologists and barbers, training, doing payroll, advertising and enjoying the independence of being an entrepreneur. Still another possibility would involve becoming a hair and makeup artist for runway models or photo shoots for television, magazines and more.

Two other degrees that are related to cosmetology include barbering and esthetics. Barber degrees focus mainly on hair, including cutting, styling, clipping, perming, coloring and shaving. On the other hand, an esthetics degree will prepare the individual for caring for the skin with facials, body wraps, relaxation techniques and other types of spa care.

Cosmetology can be a highly gratifying career choice for those who love social interaction, enjoy changing styles and have a creative side. With so many avenues down which a person with this type of degree can go, it is highly beneficial to receive a well-rounded degree from a cosmetology school, such as Ron King Academy. The best type of degree will focus on all aspects of the individual’s development, including career skills and interpersonal relationships.

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Best Career from Home for Pregnant Mother

Career Pregnant WomenAll pregnant mothers sometime think that they must stay at home when they are pregnant. They can’t work in the office especially when they are near their delivery time. Actually being pregnant should not make you lose your job. You still can do your regular job. If you think that you will not be able to take job in the office, working from home will become best choice for pregnant mother. Now, you can find best career from home for pregnant mother. There are some benefits that you will get when you take job from your home.

Most pregnant mothers feel so happy when they can get best career from home. They can enjoy their pregnancy and in the same time they can still get income from your job. You can arrange your time when you work from your home. It means you never need to go to the office in the early morning or you never need to worry to come back to your home in the night. Your husband will be easy to monitor you and your baby when you work from your home. Some pregnant mothers usually are in difficult situation because they suffer with morning sickness. If you are working from your home, you can take a rest for a while and then continue your job when you are well. You can create your own schedule and all things will be done in good way. There is no restriction from the company or your boss too when you work from your home.

So, what are best jobs for pregnant mother then? You can get two types of best career from home for pregnant mother such as being a writer. You can contribute content via online to some sites and you can manage your own time. Second you can sell products via online. You can apply as reseller of certain product and you can sell products easily from your social media or other places.

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The Best Place to Know More about Education and Career

Sep 09, 14 The Best Place to Know More about Education and Career

If you want to improve your quality, then you must improve your education and career. Unfortunately, improving education and career is not easy task. You must know what to do to improve them. If you want to find the best guidance for your education and career, you better start reading a lot. But wait, if you don’t like reading a lot of book, you should visit this website that provides all information related to education and career. Open your browser and type There you will find various articles related with education and career. is a website that concerns about career and education. Our team does the best to create great articles related with education and carrier. We try to help people’s problem of education and career. Here you can find many useful articles of education such as the true benefit of homeschooling for kids, how to choose god preschool for our children, choosing good online classes and many more. In addition, we also compose articles about college education. Since it is most difficult education level, we try to give useful tips for university students so that they can achieve success on their collage. So, all people whether you are parents, elementary students, junior students, high school students, university students, are welcome to find the solution of education on our website

One more thing about is that we also compose useful article to help you improve your career. You can find nice articles on our website such as how to write great resume, how to prepare interview for your job, how to chose the job vacancy that suit you most and many more. If you need guidance about career, we would definitely help you. We are dedicated to give you the best and useful tips and articles to solve your education and career issues.

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