Find Your Great English Tutor from Ecriture

The development of era is never stops, everything are always improved well. It should also be done by yourself and even your family. You can start everything with your education course; this is a very fundamental and basics to face the globalism and to be more professional in your field. Ecriture is a service that will give you three different lesson packages. Each of the packages is fulfilled with a complete and fundamental lesson. You can adjust which package to get by considering the available options for first. As one of HSC or English resources, we have a lot of experience in handling these classes.

The first one is NSW Higher School Certificate English; it is a lesson that contains a lot of complete lesson. The lesson is divided into some different types.  It has a lot of levels that will be your motivation layer. The lesson is basically divided into two parts. The first is extension 1 and the second is extension 2. After you are done that off, you can get compromise 1 level. When you feel that this option is best, you can directly call HSW to get the tutor. Next stage that is more advanced is the lesson for small group classes for 9 to 10 years. It contains a preparation of students to face senior high school. It is also all related to the habit, condition and of course some motivation as well. In this part, the place is only limited 5 students per class.

To complete the whole skills that has been acquired, you can continue to the third or final stages which is International Baccalaureate Program. There is many of the impressive IB English tutor Sydney that you can choose. This lesson session is totally made to conduct a great preparation for the student to face higher achievements. It offers HL or higher level and SL or standard level for all participants who register.

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Royalty Lends a Hand to Employers

If you own or run a company why not take part in a new Royal training award scheme? Awards are given to businesses that have created training and skills development programmes. The Princess Royal has given her name to these employer training awards to highlight excellence in training initiatives.

These prestigious awards have been created to reflect the values of the City and Guilds Group. Their purpose is to encourage organisations and employees to develop their personal skills for economic growth. It’s essential for everyone to develop the skills they have in order to succeed in business, or indeed life. The Princess employer training awards offers organisations the opportunity to gain:-

  • Industry wide recognition
  • Recognition as innovative leaders
  • Recognition as forward thinkers

An advocate of skills development

Without a doubt, the President, HRH Princess Anne, is an advocate of skills development. The awards that carry her name provide a platform for employers who make positive contributions to wider communities and economies by empowering along with up-skilling employees.

The reason the Princess Royal Training Award was created was to acknowledge inspirational work and identify excellent training, development and learning programmes. The Award highlights the quality and the wide range of training that can be found in many industries.

Benefits of these Awards

There are many benefits of these awards that can help small or large organisations to be distinguished from competitors. They identify:-

  • Those awarded as authorities in training
  • Those awarded as skills development experts

If a business receives this award, the logo can be used on their website, products and business communications which in turn will bring industry-wide recognition. Companies can plan and deliver training in a much more effective way.

Who can take part in the Princess Royal Training Awards?

Any size organisation from any sector can take part in the Princess Royal Training Awards. Applications will be accepted from January 2016 via the web with the first presentation ceremonies taking place in Autumn 2016. When preparing your application, take into account:-

  1. What the initiative is and what will it achieve
  2. How does the initiative help volunteers or employees?
  3. Your most outstanding learning, development and training initiatives
  4. How will it encourage the best practice training to support your organisation?
  5. How will the initiative promote your organisation’s commitment to skills development and learning?

Find out more details on the submission process page and register your interest.

Is there any support provided?

You can expect plenty of support and feedback as soon as you apply. This includes an evaluation to build training and skills along with:-

  • The opportunity to improve business operations
  • Dedicated support during your application
  • An independent assessment by industry experts that’s peer led

Click online to receive informative and interesting updates that will help in your quest to receive this Royal Training Award. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact a support team by phone or email.

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