International Studies Program Opportunities You Can Take

Dec 23, 16 International Studies Program Opportunities You Can Take

If you’re looking for a study plan, there are lots of opportunities right now that may grant you benefits. One of them is international studies program, in which you can study abroad in well named universities and educational institutes that suit to your passion and preference. Of course before taking this chance, it is advised that you as students must think carefully about the expenditure, language, and most importantly choosing a major.

While taking an opportunity of international studies program, there are few options you can have. The first is that there are some local universities that may have cooperation with international universities outside your country, you can take that chance to explore the cooperated universities and see if they suit your preference and if they have the program that you plan on getting into. Although, as far as it goes, local universities who have cooperation or collaboration with international universities usually have their own study program, usually they require you to study at said local university for half the terms of the major and then spend the rest at the international university.

There are also other programs that universities offer, such as double degree for certain majors. This international studies program requires you to study for a portion of half and half for your residence country and to the cooperated university and gain two degrees based on the countries the universities are located. The other option is to take a scholarship. Scholarships may differ and come in lot of variations, they may cover whole expenses for you, including flights and accommodation, or they may cover the tuition fees only. They usually also have rules for post-study, they usually require you to stay in the country you studied in to make contribution for at least a year. For a local scholarship issued by government, that they may require you to go back to your residence country for at least a year to make a scholar contribution

Whichever options you choose to take on the chance on international studies program, you should also consider if the country you’re about to choose fits your preference of living. And always make sure to plan your post-study way ahead before even starting one, because it may be a difficult choice later on. You should always check for resources to make sure that the university or institute that you’re planning to apply have good reputations and are well-known internationally.

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Au Pair as International Culture Study

Au Pair as International Culture StudyHave you ever heard about Au Pair? Au Pair is a term that used to call a kind of study abroad but not merely in a university or school. By joining Au Pair, you will not only get more knowledge, but you will also get your own income. How does this Au Pair work? This Au Pair is perfectly suitable for anyone of you who want to go study abroad but have not enough money to enter a university or you are unable to get any scholarship. In Au Pair, firstly you have to look for a family where you can live there as a part of them. Then after that, you can sign a contract with the Au Pair provider and also with the family as well. So, this Au Pair is perfectly safe. Then you can make this Au Pair as international culture study.

There, you are about to live with your host family and working with them as a child keeper for about 8 hours a day. If you think that you are going to be a maid, it is totally wrong. There you can live as a part of the family, and make this Au Pair as international culture study by learning how their live directly. You simply need to take care of their child when they are working, after that you are free to do anything. Besides, you will also get income for your work.

After you live for a while in your destination country, you can start to look for other beneficial things like courses or even college. Usually those who are joined Au Pair will continue to get a further education after 1 year contract of Au Pair by their own money. You will find that this Au Pair as international culture study is really interesting since you will meet many people from other country who also joining this program of cultural exchange.

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Tips to Survive International Education for Students

May 21, 14 Tips to Survive International Education for Students

Studying abroad in an international education is definitely fun because it means you are about to go to a new place. Even so, you have to know about the fact that some students cannot really survive this kind of education because they are too far away from home. In the end, they just give up and go home. Is this the thing you want to happen to you? If the answer is no, you have to know about how international students can survive this education until the end.

For the students of international education making friends can be said to be the very first way to survive the education well. Once they arrive in the country where the education is it would be nice if they try to make friends right away. It would be even better if they are local. In this case friends can really be the closest people to them since there is no family around. Of course, they will not only be helpful in studying but also in living. You will be able to know where to go whenever you need things by asking them about those. Friends can also be the people to go to whenever there is an emergency.

Other than friends, it is also important for the students of international education to know about places especially the nearest ones to the location of their school or college. This is related more to living for the students. So, when you finally become an international student, please take some of your free time to go around the neighborhood in order to know it better. Here, you can also find out about some places like; restaurants, cinema, shops, and so on so you can later go there whenever you want to. If you already made some friends, you can ask them to show you some recommended places to go to.

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Study Abroad Preparations

Study Abroad PreparationMost people want to get study abroad, to get the higher education after graduated from the college degree and get the bachelor title. If you are one of those people who really want to study abroad, then you have to make sure that you are well prepared for that. It is totally different with your previous study in your own country where you can get close with your family, have many friends and relatives, and have no difficulties in language. However, when you want to study abroad, you have to make some study abroad preparations that will help you get the better result in the end of the study.

One of the first study abroad preparations that you have to fulfill is you are mastering in English speaking. It is impossible for you to go abroad without mastering English speaking well. Since English has been the international language, wherever you want to go study, it will much help you. The next thing you have to prepare is collecting many scholarships program from different universities. For example you are taking an English literature program for your bachelor degree, then you want to go abroad and looking for applied linguistics or humaniora master degree. Then, you also have to make sure which country you will go so that it will be easier for you to find the universities and the scholarships offer.

After you find the country and the universities that offer the scholarship for master degree that you are looking for, it is the time for you to prepare all of the requirements to get the scholarship. This can be the most important study abroad preparations since without with then you can fail to get the scholarship. You better apply for the scholarship some times before you graduate, so that if you are not that lucky you can apply it again and again. Therefore, after you get your bachelor degree you can directly continue your education by study abroad.

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Be a Pro and Get your Dream with the Right School


   There are so many schools out there. However, it is true that a certain school can provide the best curriculum and everything in between for their students? Well, you have to be careful. Choosing the right school is related with your future. You do not want to spend your youth, time, and money for a junk school. Take your time and search all information about a school before you enter the class. When we are talking school, there is the best place to learn about audio and film. It is the one and only ‘Video Symphony’. This school is located in LA and gained reputation as number one AVID-authorized education center. What an awesome achievement, right?

            This school provides the best curriculum for its students. Video Symphony does not only give basic theories but also real experiences with equipments and software used in real job. Yes, students are on the right way since this school is professionally focused. When students are graduated from this school, they have gained everything they need to obtain great jobs. What about the majors? Video Symphony offers four majors, they are: Television and Film editing; New Media Production; Graphics, Animation, & Effects and
Audio Engineering. So, what do you think? Do not miss the chance to be enrolled in the best audio and film school.

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Simple Things to Prepare Before Studying Abroad

Studying abroad for the first time is not an easy thing for you to do especially because you have to be too far away from home. Even though you know that it will be for your own good since you can get nice educational background but there will be so many obstacles you face while you are having your education. A lot of people out there finally fail just because they do not really know about how to survive in studying abroad. The fact is that there are some simple things that may be found to be helpful for people, including you, who are about to study abroad real soon. The things meant here are actually related to things to prepare before studying abroad.

In general, it can be said that the basic things to prepare before studying abroad are all requirements that you have to fulfill first in order to be accepted in the international study that you take abroad. Of course, in order to survive in the country that you may never know about before, those are not the only things that you have to prepare. As a suggestion, you can start with thing that can make you feel like you are close to home that is definitely beneficial in curing home sickness. The thing should not be big in size because it may be a bit problem to your luggage that is certainly limited. Instead, you can bring something small that has a certain memory about home inside. Believe it or not, this kind of this is really helpful.

Other example of things to prepare before studying abroad is good quality portable computing device, especially laptop. Other than the fact that this device may be helpful in your study there, it is also the one that can be used to communicate better with your family at home. As you may already know, video chat is a form of technology that you can really use right now. If you own a good quality computing device, you can get a better visual and also voice of your family when you video chatting. This simple tip is also beneficial for you to save money in the country that you are about to visit for an international study that you take. By bring your own computing device you do not need to use your pocket money to purchase the necessary device abroad. If the climate in the country that you are about to visit is rather different from the one in your country, you have to be sure also to bring some clothes that may be suitable for the climate better so that you can be away from uncomfortable feeling or even sickness while you are there.

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