Technical Skills to Support Your Resume

Apr 04, 14 Technical Skills to Support Your Resume

Writing good resume is important when you want to be accepted for certain job that you want. Some people will try to impress people by having good resume. They write their experience, their hobby, their interest, their education background and all things. Actually having good academic value is not the only thing that will be considered by people who want to accept you. You need to have some skills that will support your education background. Although you have great grade, if you don’t have skills then people will not accept you directly. There are some technical skills that you must have when you want to be accepted in easy way.

First when you understand about HTML code then you will be accepted in easy way. It is a kind of important technical skills that you must have when you want to enhance your CV. People will need you to make website, write and articles in the blog, make a new page, and create application and some other things. In some companies, HTML skill is very important and vital skill that will help you to reach your high position in easy way. People will always need you who have good skill in HTML.  If you have good technical skills you can choose certain job that you want.

For you who apply for project management then you must know about HTML and some other knowledge related with IT. The other skill that you must have is communication. People with good communication will be able to handle all jobs in good way. People with good communication usually will be able to negotiate with all clients in easy way too. There are some other skills that you must have when you want to enhance your CV. You can take some courses. Having skill in operating excel will help you too to get your job in easy way. You must have technical skills to support your resume and get your job now. Writing resume in good way is important too. People will know you after they read your resume. When you have bad resume then you may lose your job soon. You need to know tips to write CV or resume so you can impress people with your CV.

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Simple yet Useful Resume Tips That You Can Actually Do as a New Graduate

Oct 15, 13 Simple yet Useful Resume Tips That You Can Actually Do as a New Graduate

When you already finish an education or more so that you get your educational degrees for that, it is so sure that it is now the time for you to start writing your resume so that you will be able to start looking for the jobs that are suitable for you to choose to start your own career. Writing a resume might sounds simple because there are quite a lot of examples that you can count on to know about what a resume looks like. Even so, you have to know that actually resume examples that you can find easily at this point of time do not always give you the right example, including also placement of your education information. The fact is that education information like this is important for those who provide the jobs. Since it is so, it is better for you to know about some resume tips that are related to education information in your resume that may be helpful for you in getting the job that you want.

The first thing in resume tips that you can actually do is realizing about which point about your educational information that you want to emphasize more in the resume. In this case, there are in fact several things that you can really try to do. For example, you can place the education first in the resume before you state your experience. The reason why you should do this is because you are a new graduate and you have to make the one who hire you to impress by your educational achievement to create more chance to yourself to get the job that you apply. This tip is actually also the one that is suitable for you do if you are not really new graduate but have not got enough experience in career until now or that your experience in working is less than a 5 years’ experience.

For a student that has just graduated from the study you take like this, other thing in resume tips that you have to remember is that the education information must be the center of attention in the resume. You need to know that the job employers really value your educational background highly. The chance for you to be employed will be even greater if you have nice educational background. That is why if you have such nice educational information, either formal or informal, you should make sure you have put it in your resume. It will be great also if you add more related information, such as the information about courses that you used to take while you are studying. Believe it or not, this kind of information can really be a good thing to consider by whoever providing jobs for you to apply.

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Tips to Write Resume to Start Your Career

In the beginning of your career, resume is certainly a thing that you have to prepare properly. It can simply be said that resume is the one that will help you to tell employer about what you have accomplished until now. Of course, the reason is that through resume, the employer can consider you as a good or even excellent applicant who is suitable to fill the position offered. One thing that you have to know here is that it is not that easy to write a resume, especially if it is the first one for you. If you never create this kind of thing before, it is so certain that you will face some difficulties because you keep thinking about how a good resume looks like. Stop thinking like that because here are few tips that you can follow in order to deal with your difficulties in creating resume that you need in applying for a job.

If you are about to write a resume, you have to know that there are several things that you have to include in it. Other than your personal data, information about your education, which is usually presented in the form of chronological information, is another important information that should be included in the resume that you are about to create. For your information, education is definitely a thing that is looked for by many employers. The higher your educational degree, the more possible for you to get the job that you apply for. Usually, a person with higher degree of education also get more possibilities in getting an even better position or promotion once s/he joins in a certain company. Of course, it will happen if that person owns a good performance in doing the job assigned to him/her.

Other tip that you can try so that you can write a resume in better quality is by looking for some examples via internet. The examples meant here can be seen from two different points of view. The first one is framework that will tell you about how a resume looks like, the standard order of contents that you have to create, and some others. Other point of view is seen from the contents. In internet, it is so certain that you will be able to find a lot of example resumes which is already filled up. With those examples, you will be able to know about all details included in the resumes. See, there are some helps that you can obtain in order to create a good resume that can impress your employer. Hopefully this information will help you to get a job to start your career and earn your own living soon.

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Finding Great Talents from Piles of Resumes

Recruiting can be a tiring process. Yes, indeed, that is the job that needs to be done if you run a company. It is really impossible for you to run your company, whenever it has grown bigger, on your own. Thus, you need to deal with recruitment. However, once you open recruitment, heaps of resumes piled up and inbox is filled with cover letters. Even though standard operating procedure is set and the whole recruitment process is standardized, the hectic administrative sorting out jobs is sometime too much for a busy company. No matter what your business scale is, and whether you run the business from a fancy office, virtual office or home office, the worst nightmare of recruitment cycle is administration selection. Hiring a recruitment agent can be a solution as long as the budget is available, but when the cost is beyond the scheme, whether we like it or not, selecting piles of resumes is simply unavoidable.


Great talents may be hidden in the files and to find them is the challenge. Selecting resumes and sorting out the shortlisted candidates do take time. While all cover letters and curriculum vitae expose the strengths of the potential employees, the outstanding ones are usually excel in the record. Being persistent with the qualifications of the open positions will be the first sort out stage. When the numbers are still many, searching for excellence in the related skills and or experience that will be useful for the future job. Resumes of previous experience and the description will help giving preliminary picture about the acquired competence.


Positions of the referee mentioned in the resumes will also show how the prospective candidates maintained relationship with their super ordinates. Besides listing down the career history and summarizing the responsibilities that they carried before, candidates who developed careful resumes in attractive yet standard format are worth given a chance for the further step since it shows the level of seriousness they took in applying for the positions. When the resumes are sent through electronic mail, it is necessary to have them printed or make them visually available in the selecting meeting, so that the comparisons and analysis of the remaining applicants are clear.


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Resumes for New Graduates: How to Make them Sound Unique

Starting the last year of your studies at the university can be exciting, being more experienced than other peers with how to handle the ropes of going to school full time is noticeable. Also, you are in the final stages on becoming a responsible adult with a promising career. Some students that you may know, have had a part-time job, that is irrelevant to what they plan on accomplishing later on. It is more of a filler to make some extra money while waiting to start your career. Ideally, a career should suit one’s educational background and interests. It is important to choose a degree that you see yourself doing till you retire. In reality, more job openings are available in fields that are not connected to what you majored in while going to college. However, if you just graduated from an online leadership program, you can use your skills anywhere you go since every industry is looking for strong leaders. The most confusing this is you will need to fill our your resume which will have a list of your experience and educational qualifications. How is it possible to make an outstanding and unique resume that will attract HR to call you for an interview?


Experience is something that you need to focus on as soon as you can, having a part-time job while attending high school will look better than if you were to just go to school with no side job. Employers want employees with great work ethic and experience. If you are worried about not being able to provide information about previous work experience, do not make it up. Hunting for jobs that require years of experience in the field you want to go in to  is not a wise decision on your part. Focus on the openings that invite and encourage fresh graduates. When typing up your resume, it is very important to list your name, phone number, e-mail address, address, educational background, experience and achievements. Make sure that you understand how to organize your resume so that it gives the employer a sense that you are very organized and orderly. Be direct yet summarize it enough so that it doesn’t take up more than a line.


If you want to have certain parts stand out, highlight the qualifications with bullet points and bold lettering. For example, they require a person with good communication skills and adaptable to various cultural background. This shows that you will be expected to coordinate a lot in a multicultural environment. To show that you are the right candidate for the position, expose in your resume the ability to get in touch with people from different backgrounds, perhaps through your involvement in the student body or clubs or a rewarding encounter during one of the projects that you did in the study. This summary will enable the potential employer to see that although experience is not you best point but during the study completion, whenever possible you keep developing yourself to the standard that will not only meet the class requirement but a level that will be useful for you in the professional world. So, besides focusing on what you don’t have, highlight what you have and do make connections with the soft skills that the company seeks from a potential candidate. Happy hunting!


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