What are the Best Nootropics for College Students?

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What is a Nootropic?

A nootropic, also known as a “Smart Drug,” “Brain Pill,” or “noot,” is a kind of herbal supplements that works to increase the functions of the human brain. There are several types of nootropic supplements that each function in specific ways. The main types of nootropics are racetam nootropics, herbal nootropics, ampakine nootropics, and stimulant nootropics.

Racetam nootropics are those supplements such as Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam and Pramiracetam that are suitable for long-term use. They are subtle, yet over time serve to be very effective. These require a choline source in order to function properly, and if it is not supplied, can cause headaches.

Stimulant racetams are those supplements that focus on the neurotransmitter dopamine, and as such provide lots of stimulation. These nootropics include Adrafinil, Hydrafinil, Phenylpiracetam and Caffeine. These are the most powerful nootropics you can buy for motivation, focus and energy.

Ampakine nootropics are the most untested nootropics yet are also the most potent with regards to memory and overall mental power, these include Sunifiram and Noopept. Last but not least, herbal nootropics are those supplements that work on the brain that are 100% natural, and include supplements such as Ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea and L-Theanine.

What do Nootropics do?

Nootropics typically act on a certain neurotransmitter within the brain in order to manifest their effect. Racetams act on acetylcholine, stimulants dopamine, herbal supplements GABA, and Ampakine supplements Glutamate. Each can be used for a different purpose, and there is no one perfect smart drug, each depends simply on what the user is looking for.

What are the Top Ten Nootropics for College Students?

  1. Adrafinil- The most powerful nootropic on the market today. Can last for as much as 8-12 hours, provides great focus and energy.
  2. Phenylpiracetam- A racetam with an added stimulant.
  3. Sunifiram- A short acting but euphoric nootropic
  4. Noopept- An ampakine with amazing memory benefits.
  5. Hydrafinil- One of the most powerful nootropics on the market, stimulating and short acting.
  6. Ashwagandha- A powerful relaxant herb that can aid focus.
  7. Oxiracetam- 15 times stronger than Piracetam.
  8. Pramiracetam- The most powerful racetam currently on the market, up to 30x as strong as Piracetam.
  9. L-Theanine- A calming nootropic, works wonders on cognition when mixed with a stimulant.
  10. Galantamine- Also called the Lucid dreaming nootropic, this supplement gives unprecedented clarity of thought.

How should one Use Nootropics

Use with caution and always do your own research. If well studied nootropics can have a whole host of benefits on the human brain which can aid just about any college students. Once again, you can get all these nootropics and more at our friends shop, Smart Drugs for College.

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Popular Health Care Career Opportunities You Should Be Aware Of

Are you thinking about starting a career in health care? If so, you should be aware of the most popular health care careers currently available and then make plans to get the appropriate qualification, that allows you to work in this area. Below are some of the most popular careers for health care professionals.


There are many more nursing roles available than most people realize. To work in this area, you have to obtain your basic nursing qualifications and there are many opportunities to progress. For instance, if you complete a Masters of Science in Nursing, you could eventually work in a hospital, medical clinic, nursing care facility, emergency facility, community health agency or a local doctor’s office.

Typical roles a Master of Science in Nursing who graduates from a recognized authority like Bradley University can work in, include nurse administrator, health services manager, nurse executive, nursing care facility manager or charge nurse. You can obtain this qualification over the internet by completing a Master of Science in Nursing online course.

Nutritionist and Weight Loss Experts

Huge numbers of people live unhealthy lives, which means there is a huge demand for nutritionists and weight loss experts who are qualified to advise their clients about the healthiest and safest ways to lose weight and eat healthier. In some areas the problem is reaching epidemic levels, with large numbers of people now suffering from diabetes, obesity, cancer and other diseases and illnesses that are directly related to a poor diet.


Physiotherapists are another group of health care professionals that are always in high demand. Some focus solely on working with injured athletes, while others help patients recovering from injuries, operations or other physical problems. Much of this work involves advising patients about the best exercises and precautions to take, so that the impact of their injuries is reduced and they heal quicker.


Paramedics, also known as Emergency Medical Technicians play a crucial role in thousands of people’s lives every year. They are usually the first people to reach an emergency situation and the actions they take can be the difference between someone living and dying when an incident occurs. They work alongside other emergency professionals and there are three different types of Emergency Medical Technicians, which include EMT Basic, EMT Intermediate and Paramedic.

Dental Assistants and Hygienists

Dentist surgeries are always busy places, which means dentists are always in need of help. The two main positions available in these practices include dental assistants and dental hygienists. Dental Assistants are usually hired to support a dentist and carry out administration duties. Dental Hygienists on the other hand, are trained and qualified to carry out more advanced cleaning procedures.

Working in the health care sector is a potentially rewarding experience and the careers mentioned above are some of the most popular health-related positions. You have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from, with many people starting work in a basic health care role and working their way up to a more senior role.

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Helping Perpetrators of Domestic Violence Restore Their Emotional Health

Domestic violence is described as the intentional use of force or violence committed by one household member on another member of the same household. Domestic violence affects millions of families around the world. It is linked to things like physical, verbal, or emotional abuse of a spouse or partner.

Factors such as manipulation, coercion, and uncontrollable anger play a role in the abuse. In the majority of cases, the victim of domestic abuse is the woman in the relationship. However, there are a lot of examples of men who are the victims of physical abuse. As the number of court cases connected with domestic violence increases, more and more courts are requiring the aggressors to take court ordered classes on domestic violence prevention. However, some abusers who want to break free from their abusive ways will take these courses of their own volition.

Domestic violence prevention courses are designed to help a perpetrator learn the source of their anger. Once the source of the anger that leads to the violence has been identified, then management techniques can be implemented to help control that anger. One of the first things that are taught in these classes is the fact that chronic anger is not normal and can be treated.

In many cases, perpetrators of domestic violence are alexithymic. This means that they lack the ability to empathize with their victims. They fail to see the physical or psychological injury they are causing their victims, and in their mind, the perpetrator feels as if their actions or if their behavior is justified. Domestic violence stems from emotional health problems. For this reason, these classes are designed to teach perpetrators how to have empathy for others. If a perpetrator is not able to regain normal emotional function, learn how to empathize with others, and gain control of their chronic anger, it is likely that they will continue with their abusive behavior.

Once a perpetrator begins to improve their emotional health, they usually start to see that their behavior and the domestic violence they cause are not normal. In most cases, a combination of psychological help along with restrictions imposed by the criminal justice system are needed to help the perpetrator understand the seriousness of their behavior and to encourage the perpetrator to take the steps they need to take in order to end domestic violence once and for all.

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Skills Needed By A Medical Assistant

A medical assistant must have many skills in order to be able to accomplish their job quickly and efficiently. They must be able to handle doing multiple things at the same time in order to be able to accommodate the needs of the patients. They must be able to understand medical terminology so they can communicate with the medical personnel without difficulty or confusion. These individuals also must be able to help to keep people relaxed while they are going through medical procedures.

Asking The Right Questions

The only way to learn more about the symptoms that a patient is experiencing is to understand how to ask the right questions. Failure to communicate properly with a patient can be detrimental to their physical health. Understanding how to obtain information while a person has been painting is also a skill that a medical personnel individual needs to be able to do without being nervous about a person’s reaction.

Documenting The Information

An individual must understand how to document all important information for legal purposes. This means being able to transcribe the information that a patient explains in a clear and concise manner without misunderstanding their intention to read many times this can be difficult for people who are having to perform multiple responsibilities at the same time.Finding a way to balance all of the fonts abilities can be overwhelming for people who are not knowledgeable about their responsibilities associated with the medical profession. Having a strong support system is necessary to be successful in this profession.

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Recommended Jobs or Career for Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman working in officeYou must feel so happy when you pregnant. You must wait at least 9 months to be new mom for your lovely baby. Some women choose to resign from their job when they are pregnant because of some reasons. Some husbands restrict their wives to work because men really want to protect baby and mother. Unfortunately, some pregnant women feel so bad and bored when they are in their home. They do nothing and they want to work from home. Is it possible for pregnant women to work from their home? You can find some jobs or career for pregnant women that you can choose and of course you still can enjoy your pregnancy too.

You can choose one of best jobs or career for pregnant women by working via online. Online job will help you to get money and you can take a rest whenever you want. You just need to work in front of your pc or your laptop and then you can earn money. There are some online jobs that you can take such as copyeditor, writer, and some other jobs. You never need to suffer with long hours because you can manage your own time and choose best time that suitable with your condition too. When you feel tired you can sleep for a while and then continue your job later.

There are some online business types that you can choose too and you can work from your home only. You just need to use your social media accounts and then you can try to become reseller or take other opportunities. It will not waste your time and you will not feel frustrated too with this job. As we know all pregnant women need to avoid stressful thing and they should not work too hard. Health is your priority and when you want to take one of jobs or career for pregnant women, you must be wise to choose the best one.

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