5 Qualities that Social Workers Need

Social workers do a unique job in assisting various vulnerable members of the public to improve their situations and reach their full potential. As a social worker, you may work helping veterans, families, underprivileged children, the elderly, refugees and other individuals and groups of people who are in need of your assistance. In order to succeed as a social worker, it’s important that you possess a range of important personal qualities. These are:


As a social worker, you will be working with people from all walks of life. Certain people who you work with may have done or been involved with things, situations or people that you don’t agree with, or you may need to help individuals who have committed crimes in the past. Whilst studying for your masters in social work it’s important to understand the importance of being non-judgmental and non-biased in your chosen career.


Whilst working as a social worker, you will often be responsible for communicating information to the people that you work with, along with reporting information back to your employer and other professionals working in the health or criminal justice systems, for example. Excellent communication skills are vital when working as a social worker, as not only will you need to have the ability to clearly communicate information to your clients, but also be able to listen and take on board the information that they provide you with effectively.


Social workers often enjoy a very independent and flexible career, with many being left to choose their own working times and the types of clients that they work with. Because of this, it’s important for social workers to be able to plan, prioritize and manage their own time well and be very self-motivated and self-led. Online social work degrees can certainly help you to improve this skill.


Social workers are responsible for helping vulnerable people to turn their lives around and achieve their full potential. Because of this, it’s important for social workers to have a lot of empathy and be able to see things from the point of view of their clients when offering advice or support. Being empathetic enables social workers to better relate to their clients and determine the best steps for them to achieve success.


As a social worker, you may often be working alongside individuals who will be reluctant to tell you the whole truth about their situation. Good observational skills are essential in order to determine whether or not there may be something wrong that you will need to address. For social workers, it’s highly important to have an above average level of emotional intelligence in order to work so closely with other people.

Social work is all about using your skills, knowledge, and empathetic personality to help others who are in need. As a social worker, these skills are essential for being successful in your chosen career and helping your clients to overcome the obstacles in their lives and flourish.

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What Is Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Aug 15, 16 What Is Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Nonverbal learning disorder (NLD) is a type of learning disabilities. Children with NLD often have a hard time in completing tasks that require verbal skill, such as writing, which can make teachers confuse them for being lazy or unmotivated. Although NLD is on the autism scale, not all sufferers are autistic or diagnosed with Asperger’s. in contrast with the term, nonverbal learning disorder, NLD kids can be very verbal.

NLD happens due to fine and gross motor skill impairment, which makes the kids struggle to write. Other aspects like long-term memory, perception, and logic skill may appear as normal and sometimes mask their disability. But it often becomes more visible in the third or fourth grade as writing assignments are longer. NLD can only be diagnosed by a neuropsychologist, but the symptoms and characteristics can be noticed by parents or teachers.

Academically, children with NLD may show:

  • Difficulty with any nonverbal assignments
  • Difficulty completing tasks requiring short-term memory
  • Challenges regarding math computations
  • Severe dysgraphia which causes writing to be labored or delayed
  • Difficulty understanding instructions that are written
  • Inability to stay focused and organizational difficulty

Nonverbal learning disorder may also be identified with characteristics in the children’s social aspect, which include:

  • Improper trust in strangers
  • Difficulty in making friends
  • Extremely literal interpretations of other people’s speech
  • Difficulty understanding nonverbal language such as facial expression and gestures.
  • Extreme interpretation of what’s fair

Children with NLD often show physical characteristics, such as:

  • Fine and gross motor skills delay
  • Difficulty understanding visual and spatial relationships
  • Tendency toward sedentary or passive activities

Being misunderstood or not properly diagnosed may cause the child with NLD to go through a rough patch and social stigma that can result in isolation. Giving the children clear verbal instructions, as well as allowing them to work at a slower rate or complete some tasks verbally can increase student success and improve their self-esteem.

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Top Benefits of Using Video Conferencing

Aug 04, 16 Top Benefits of Using Video Conferencing

Businesses are always looking for new ways to use technology to streamline their business and increase their margins. This is especially true when it comes to communications. There is literally no better way to improve your business operations than by improving your communications. Not only does it reduce costs, it also speeds up the process of any business action you may be trying to undertake.

Video conferencing is one example of a great way that businesses are using technology to improve their communications protocol. Video conferencing has come a long way since it was first created. This is mostly due to the increased speed of the internet since it was first invented. Here are some of the top benefits of using video conferencing to work out your next deal with another company or to communicate with employees that work in another city for your company.

Face to face – Sometimes the quickest way to get a meeting done is to have a face to face conversation. This can be much quicker than e-mailing back and forth and waiting for a response or making a phone call and waiting for a callback. When you schedule a video conference, you make it much easier to relay information and convey tone while saving time.

Cost – Flying someone across the country for a meeting can be very expensive. It can also waste a complete day in that person’s life due to the time that travel can take up. Video conferencing alleviates both of these concerns. Nothing helps your bottom line more than reducing cost. This can help you make more money without even increasing sales. Reducing cost is the best way to increase profits because it is something that you can control yourself.

Keeps some distance – Using video conferencing can also help people have a meeting that might not get along while they still don’t need to be in the same room with each other. This is a great advantage for those that are using the technology for court depositions.

Any law firm that engages in a lot of depositions can benefit greatly from the technology surrounding video conferencing. It prevents the opposing sides from having to be in the same room and also greatly reduces travel costs. For the best video conferencing pomona ca has to offer look into to Park Avenue Deposition Center and the services that they provide for their clients.

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Choosing a Meaningful Career Path

Selecting a career can be an overwhelming part of life, but today there are more options available than ever. Advances in technology have created new sectors, and companies who are seeking to broaden their workforce are seeking well-rounded individuals to fill their open positions. As companies grow, they need leaders who can take control of a dynamic workplace.

Searching for Opportunities
Many career opportunities are available for those who are looking for employment. Begin your search by looking for positions that are aligned with your personal interests. Employees who are passionate about their work are likely to be more successful. Try to imagine what jobs would make you happy, and then search for organizations or companies that share your values.

Changing Philosophies
Companies are recognizing the benefits of having employees who come from a variety of backgrounds. Many companies are hiring human resource coordinators and filling similar positions with candidates who are able to help them recruit employees that will improve the diversity of the company. These diversity jobs can be incredible opportunities for those who are committed to increasing diversity in the workplace. Universities, state governments and corporations are able to benefit from employees who can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to their positions.

Diversity Brings Benefits
Utilizing a diverse workforce offers the chance for corporations and organizations to tailor their efforts to a wider population. For example, employees from particular regions of the country or certain ethnic backgrounds can provide insight to help their employers reach customers from these backgrounds. Including employees from a range of backgrounds in the decision making process will result in products and services that are ideal for a wider population. Working in a position that increases diversity can be a meaningful and fulfilling experience.

Online searches can help you find positions that match your skills with your passion. If you find a job that you are passionate about, then you and your employer will benefit from your increased engagement in your role. Finding the right position and aligning yourself with your employer’s mission are important parts of being satisfied with your career.

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Royalty Lends a Hand to Employers

If you own or run a company why not take part in a new Royal training award scheme? Awards are given to businesses that have created training and skills development programmes. The Princess Royal has given her name to these employer training awards to highlight excellence in training initiatives.

These prestigious awards have been created to reflect the values of the City and Guilds Group. Their purpose is to encourage organisations and employees to develop their personal skills for economic growth. It’s essential for everyone to develop the skills they have in order to succeed in business, or indeed life. The Princess employer training awards offers organisations the opportunity to gain:-

  • Industry wide recognition
  • Recognition as innovative leaders
  • Recognition as forward thinkers

An advocate of skills development

Without a doubt, the President, HRH Princess Anne, is an advocate of skills development. The awards that carry her name provide a platform for employers who make positive contributions to wider communities and economies by empowering along with up-skilling employees.

The reason the Princess Royal Training Award was created was to acknowledge inspirational work and identify excellent training, development and learning programmes. The Award highlights the quality and the wide range of training that can be found in many industries.

Benefits of these Awards

There are many benefits of these awards that can help small or large organisations to be distinguished from competitors. They identify:-

  • Those awarded as authorities in training
  • Those awarded as skills development experts

If a business receives this award, the logo can be used on their website, products and business communications which in turn will bring industry-wide recognition. Companies can plan and deliver training in a much more effective way.

Who can take part in the Princess Royal Training Awards?

Any size organisation from any sector can take part in the Princess Royal Training Awards. Applications will be accepted from January 2016 via the web with the first presentation ceremonies taking place in Autumn 2016. When preparing your application, take into account:-

  1. What the initiative is and what will it achieve
  2. How does the initiative help volunteers or employees?
  3. Your most outstanding learning, development and training initiatives
  4. How will it encourage the best practice training to support your organisation?
  5. How will the initiative promote your organisation’s commitment to skills development and learning?

Find out more details on the submission process page and register your interest.

Is there any support provided?

You can expect plenty of support and feedback as soon as you apply. This includes an evaluation to build training and skills along with:-

  • The opportunity to improve business operations
  • Dedicated support during your application
  • An independent assessment by industry experts that’s peer led

Click online to receive informative and interesting updates that will help in your quest to receive this Royal Training Award. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact a support team by phone or email.

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