Understanding Children’s Learning Disability Characteristics

Jan 01, 17 Understanding Children’s Learning Disability Characteristics

The characteristics of learning problems are such like the symptoms showing rather different conditions than the normal will be. In understanding learning disability characteristics, it depends on the types of learning disability which are in correlation with the problems in speaking, listening, reading, writing, memorizing, reasoning, or even in perceiving audio visual information. It is assumed that the conceptual and perceptual problems underlie as the reasons children have learning disorder.

First is about learning disability characteristics in reading capability. The common symptoms or characteristics occur in reading disability are slower reading rate, less skills in decoding, less fluent reading, difficult to comprehend or retention of reading materials, and difficult in identifying the ideas in text. Moreover, they are also shows that the difficulties in creating the ideas, in integrating the new ideas with the previous ideas, in mastering vocabularies, in focusing the attention or instruction, and in controlling the eye movement.

Second is about learning disability characteristics in writing. Many students who have problems in writing skills show their difficultness in writing fluently, composing the grammar completely, arranging the written information, and copying the information from the reading materials. Other symptoms like poor in alignment, handwriting, and proofreading also indicates writing disability. Moreover, when the children tend to speak instead of to write, it may come as writing skill problem also.

In mathematic skill disorder, children may show the characteristics like difficult to memorize tables of multiplication, difficult in identifying factors or multiples, rather difficult to interpret mathematical concepts and relevant information through mathematics. Then, they tend to have poor visual perception toward spatial ability, inability of overcoming the mathematical problems, and then inability in comprehending complex calculation.

For whom who have memory and reasoning skills disorder, they usually shows the characteristics like difficult in memorizing or storing and retrieving information and less capable in holding information for sooner use. Then, they also seem difficult in overcoming the cases which are not familiar with them. Also, they are less capable in drawing the conclusion of the certain information.

Then, for the learning disability characteristics of spoken language skills, children usually seem having inability in distinguishing sound, having the difficulty to articulate or deliver their ideas in spoken, and having inability to pronounce the word fluently and to blend the sounds to build words. Also, they tend to get slower in responding or in listening the set of directions and cannot retell the details of information correctly.

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The Importance of Having Good Writing Skills for Your Career

Oct 05, 16 The Importance of Having Good Writing Skills for Your Career

When you want to earn more then you must have more skills too. Most people dream to have great career. When you want to get great career, it means you must have something special that will differentiate you and other people. Having good writing skills will help you to improve your career too. When you have writing skill, you will be easy to share your idea on the written form, and you can get career related with your writing ability too. Do you know that you will get some benefits from your writing skills? You can get some benefits below.

First you can get profession benefit. People who have good writing skills will be able to get some jobs as journalist, paralegal, or you can become a professional public relation. Job requirements for some jobs listed before are having great writing skill. Writing is good way to communicate your idea and share your idea to other people. You who have better writing skill must be able to write all things with less grammatical error. Second, as it is said above, you will get benefit in communication field. When you have writing skill, it is so easy for you to handle your job via email, letters, texts, tweets, notes and some other things. We know that all people prefer to do communication via text rather than talking directly.

Do you know that people who have writing skill is called as more credible person? All people who can write in good way and with less grammatical error or typo are considered as credible people because they are intelligent.  When you apply certain job and you must submit your CV, you must write your CV in good way too. You who don’t have good writing skill will not be able to attract people to hire you. After you know some benefits of good writing skills for your career, you better develop your skill now.

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What Is Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Aug 15, 16 What Is Nonverbal Learning Disorder

Nonverbal learning disorder (NLD) is a type of learning disabilities. Children with NLD often have a hard time in completing tasks that require verbal skill, such as writing, which can make teachers confuse them for being lazy or unmotivated. Although NLD is on the autism scale, not all sufferers are autistic or diagnosed with Asperger’s. in contrast with the term, nonverbal learning disorder, NLD kids can be very verbal.

NLD happens due to fine and gross motor skill impairment, which makes the kids struggle to write. Other aspects like long-term memory, perception, and logic skill may appear as normal and sometimes mask their disability. But it often becomes more visible in the third or fourth grade as writing assignments are longer. NLD can only be diagnosed by a neuropsychologist, but the symptoms and characteristics can be noticed by parents or teachers.

Academically, children with NLD may show:

  • Difficulty with any nonverbal assignments
  • Difficulty completing tasks requiring short-term memory
  • Challenges regarding math computations
  • Severe dysgraphia which causes writing to be labored or delayed
  • Difficulty understanding instructions that are written
  • Inability to stay focused and organizational difficulty

Nonverbal learning disorder may also be identified with characteristics in the children’s social aspect, which include:

  • Improper trust in strangers
  • Difficulty in making friends
  • Extremely literal interpretations of other people’s speech
  • Difficulty understanding nonverbal language such as facial expression and gestures.
  • Extreme interpretation of what’s fair

Children with NLD often show physical characteristics, such as:

  • Fine and gross motor skills delay
  • Difficulty understanding visual and spatial relationships
  • Tendency toward sedentary or passive activities

Being misunderstood or not properly diagnosed may cause the child with NLD to go through a rough patch and social stigma that can result in isolation. Giving the children clear verbal instructions, as well as allowing them to work at a slower rate or complete some tasks verbally can increase student success and improve their self-esteem.

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Writing helps earning

Jul 05, 16 Writing helps earning

4 mind-blowing ways for you to earn money on writing

The age of writing … amusing and attracting writing seems to have become the thing of the past? Forget it! You will now see the truth…

The modern era gives us the opportunity to reestablish the old traditions and make writing not only a pleasant hobby, but also a profitable way to make for a living. Now you will get to know about 4 most profitable ways to make money on your hobby, which means real pleasure and profit at the same time.

Academic and research writing

You have always been a kind of erudite person and consider yourself efficient in dozens of various topics? Many people are not the same as you are, and this is the great chance for you to help them and earn heaps of money. Many students and schoolboys feel too lazy for doing their academic tasks. Take advantage of their weakness and enable your creativity. In such kind of an activity you will begin with writing simple cheap custom essays, but with the development of your skills you will earn more, and your reputation will grow.

Proofreading and editing

Your relatives and friends are tired of your constant speech criticism and numerous corrections? Do not bother yourself with such kind of an activity because there is a way for you to unleash all your grammar and speaking skills and get paid for it. Proofreading requires a sharp eye for even the most unnoticeable mistakes, and if you feel proficient in such an activity, this is the job of your dream.

blog writing

Blog writing

Have a lot of ideas or knowledge that you think are worth spreading? Just do it by writing your blog because unique thoughts are valuable these days. Blogging is a specific kind of earning, as your blog will need some time for development and widening your readership, but in case of good effort and possession of useful content you will create great demand for your knowledge or ideas and make your blog the source of monetized return.


In the art of writing, there is also a great opportunity to make your works the heritage of mass culture, and scriptwriting is the best way to do it as fast as possible. You are free to choose the branches, where to apply your creativity and verbal skills, from advertising and mass media to theater and movie culture. Scriptwriting is the great way to create your own world or realize your wildest dreams and earn public acknowledgment as professional and skilled artist.

This was the list of the most profitable ways to make for a living with your writing skills. If you feel proficient in such kind of an activity, do not hesitate and make your dreams of writing career come true.

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Lazy Writing

Jun 07, 16 Lazy Writing

Writing – I possibly could also refer to this as article Dog Peeves in Specialized Writing or Oops, Suppose I Has not been Thinking Once I Wrote In which. You may notice, because you write, nicely, anything, that this tendency would be to slip into several questionable, really very bad writing practices. Sometimes, such as when writing artistically, these routines aren’t so bad, occasionally the writing design is just calm and conversational so the laziness from the writing doesn’t show much. In specialized writing, all that inactivity is just blather.


Make word ‘very. As If you can think it is in the previous part, you will remember that it was the main phrase ‘very negative.’ I just read an article lately that the phrase ‘very’ is a great instance of lazy writing. When something will be ‘very’ anything, there is certainly probably anything for it. Similar to ‘very bad’ could be ‘terrible’ or perhaps ‘awful’ or even ‘disastrous. And I could absolutely see his or her point. Privately, I shy away every time my partner and I hear any newscaster say, “Stay updated for the most recent on that history.” If somebody can tell us how much afterwards the very newest is as opposed to latest, that for the file is the outstanding for past due, I will quite definitely appreciate it.

Be aware: the above using very has been for ironic emphasis certainly not because of any kind of stylistic failings on my small part, merely saying.

One more lazy strategy for technical writing could be the over utilize or even just the application of the key phrases ‘there is’ and ‘there are. I It is just so simple to start an expression with ‘there is actually.’ It appears to get you began on your writing procedure. If you need to accomplish that while you are adding ideas to document, go ahead, undertake it, and then go back again and rewrite these kinds of phrases away from existence. For instance, in the subsequent paragraph want to know, see in which I published “… there is certainly probably one word for it. If this has not been an example, I’d personally go back and redo this expression as, “a phrase probably previously exists for this.” No longer ‘there is. At By the way, it is deemed an extremely difficult routine to break.

An additional junk phrase in complex writing is ‘really. A Yeah, it truly irritates us when ‘really’ can be used as focus in specialized writing. If you are not truly writing really teen dialogue, it is possible to probably actually get rid of this particular word entirely in technological documents.

Only to round out the actual lazy writer’s pantheon of will not dos, allow me to bring up expression weeds. They are words we clump in to empty key phrases. You can generally replace each and every phrase using a single phrase. My favorite can be ‘in order to. I All you indicate is ‘to’ therefore just use ‘to. I It seems safe enough nevertheless, believe me, the entire excess test is just with respect to what you are saying. Let me offer you some more cases:

  • A majority of… many
  • A number of… numerous
  • At the present period… now
  • At nowadays… now
  • Have the ability to… can
  • In case that… in case
  • In view of the fact… because
  • It is usually the case in which… often
  • Make mention of… refer to
  • On every day basis… daily
  • On the reasons that… simply because
  • Take into consideration… take into account
  • Until such moment as… until finally

Obviously, since our communicating style regularly shapes our own writing style, a number of these junk phrases and phrases like magic, appear in our own tech writing files. That is simply no sin. The actual sin can be leaving all of them there and which is where the inactivity comes in. When you have written everything, go back and seek out the usual thinks such as misspells and indirect voice. If you have done that will, read over your own copy once more and excise all the trash. You will be very happy which you did. That’s all tips about Writing.

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