3 Ways to Pay for Your Child’s College Tuition

Attending a four-year university is the goal for countless high school students across America. It has truly become the norm for students to go on to college right after graduating from high school. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t the cheapest path for your child to travel.

The average cost of attending a four-year college in the United States can range from around $25,000 per year for a public school to $50,000 per year for a private university. These totals include everything from tuition to room and board. If those numbers worry you, you are not alone. Most parents are troubled by the high cost of higher education and wonder how they are going to help their child get the education they deserve.

Thankfully, there are options. Depending on your child’s circumstances, they could potentially have part or all of their college expenses covered. Here are three ways in which this can be accomplished.

Academic Scholarship

One of the most common goals for students is to work hard enough in school to earn grades that will fetch an academic scholarship to the university of their choice. There are different types of scholarships out there that range from partial to full coverage of the cost of college.

Many universities offer scholarships to their students who reach and maintain a certain level of academic standing. Other scholarships are funded by private institutions or individuals and can be applied to the cost of your university of choice. Some of these are geared towards students who are going to pursue a particular degree while others are set up as essay competitions.

With enough hard work and planning, your child might be able to fund the bulk of his or her college degree via academic scholarships.

Athletic Scholarships

If your child is a student athlete and has dreams of playing their sport at the collegiate level, they might be able to earn an athletic scholarship. While there are scouts who are tasked with recruiting the top talent from around the nation, there are plenty of ways for student athletes to make themselves known to college coaches.

The first thing that you will need to do is verify your child’s amateur status through the NCAA Eligibility Center. Only those athletes who are not considered professionals by the NCAA can play for college teams.

It is a good idea to seek the guidance of those who know the system in order to give your child the best chances of earning an athletic scholarship. Check out asmscholarships.com for some top advice from those with experience connecting high school athletes with college athletic programs.


Another option available to certain students is the possibility of qualifying for grants to fund their college degree. Grants are funds gifted to students under particular circumstances. Some grants are awarded by the government, while private institutions gift others. Not everyone will be eligible to apply for grants, but those who qualify can apply at no cost.