5 Financially Viable Career Paths for Creative Children

A lot of parents’ worry about their creative children, because they are not sure what kind of career path they will end up on. It can be difficult when you want to look out for your child’s best interests financially, while still wanting them to go into a career which they will enjoy and that reflects their interests and skill set. Luckily, if you have a child who is creative and would like to explore an artistic career, then there is not necessarily any need to panic: there are more jobs of this capacity out there than you think, and not all of them are surrounded by connotations of the ‘starving artist.’ If you are unsure of what type of career path your child could take within the world of creativity and design, then here are a few examples of financially viable career paths for creative children which are unlikely leave them struggling to pay the rent.

Graphic designer

A job as a graphic designer allows people to use technology to explore their creative side while getting to take on a more practical job role than the average artist. Graphic design can be used for everything from car wrapping, to logo design and more, so this is a job role which could potentially offer a lot of work, as well as a decent salary.

A lawyer

This may not seem like the obvious career path for the creative mind, but creativity comes in all shapes and sizes; people who are artistic tend to be great at thinking outside the box, a trait which is invaluable when trying to argue a difficult case. With a little bit of LSAT preparation you might find that this is the perfect career path for your child to go down, with the added bonus of the good financial prospects which come with this job role.

Teaching artistic subjects

The most loved teachers are often the ones who are passionate about their subject; if you are looking for a career for your child which will gain them respect, as well as allow them to express their creativity, then being a teacher of a creative topic (such as art, music or theatre) could be the perfect role for them to explore.

Content writing

Not all creative individuals like to paint or craft: some express their imaginative side through words instead. In a day and age where so much content is produced online, being a content or copywriter could be the perfect career for your child to explore, with the added benefit of new job opportunities being made available on a fairly regular basis.

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising and marketing is something which not only falls into its own sector but also spans across many others as well. As almost every single business is in need of some sort of marketing and advertising strategy, which would make this an ideal creative role if you are looking for a career that is likely to offer job security.