5 top reasons to get a Master of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration degree could be the slight edge you need to stand out in your chosen career. It acts as a stamp of approval for your competence and skillset and has a heavier weight when obtained from an internationally reputed B-school.

Every day we meet young professionals nursing the dream of pursuing an MBA sometime in their career; we guess it’s safe to say, you’re reading this article because you are planning to enroll for an MBA program right?

From our experience, in addition to our interactions with MBA hopefuls, we’ve compiled some of the reasons these exceptional individuals gave as their reason for pursuing a master of business administration degree.

Top reasons to get an MBA

Learn to think globally

With the rapid globalization and the shrinking of international borders in the modern business world, it has become a matter of survival for ambitious professionals to learn how to think globally and how to play in this new turf.

What better way to getting introduced to this new way of thinking and doing business than enrolling in an MBA program with an international focus? Business schools like the Bologna Business school offer a 1 year MBA in Italy.

Up or develop new managerial skills

MBA programs are designed to get students to think and tackle management level challenges; this enables them to pick up new insights and competencies from their colleague, professors and during their immersive studies.

The new skills acquired can immediately be implemented once they get back to working or in a career.

Gain access to priceless business network

One of the main benefits cited by prospective MBA students and graduate alike is the deep connections that are developed during the program. As an MBA student, you’re able to nurture mutually beneficial and most times long-lasting relationships with your colleagues, seniors, juniors and even professors – and these relationships can come in handy years later in your personal or professional life.

Also, most MBA programs have an extensive and active alumni network you can tap into during your career.

Snag up lucrative offers

An MBA positions you to earn higher than you would have without it. In fact, looking at the data of salaries, an MBA holder should expect to earn higher than someone with a regular Master’s degree qualification.

Your MBA could also open the doors to work in big corporations; this is so because most international companies hire new staff from the pool of graduating MBAs which thus, affords you a chance to demonstrate your skills and that you’re a good fit to recruiters.

Start your own company

For individuals that want to take the entrepreneurial route, getting an MBA prepares them with the necessary skills required to run a successful business. They are exposed to business best practices; teamwork; and how to raise capital for their business.

It’s interesting to note that an increasing number of business school grads are venturing into the entrepreneurial journey; knowing that they can always fall back on their degree to get a traditional job if things don’t turn out as they’d hope.

So there you have it, our top five reasons to get an MBA.