A Versatile Tool to Have on the Job

A whiteboard is a versatile tool to have on the job. If you’re only using one for note-taking, you’re missing out on wonderful opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Here are seven ways a single whiteboard in your office or conference room can make a difference.

1. Pending Notes

A magnetic whiteboard is useful for all those invoices and memos that you aren’t yet sure how to file. It won’t let you forget important documents in the middle of a chaotic workday, and it will also keep them from cluttering up your desk or inbox.

2. Scheduling

Never again forget an appointment when you have a whiteboard scribbled with names, dates and times. Never again miss a deadline. You won’t even need a personal assistant when you keep track of everything yourself.

3. Drafting

A whiteboard is an excellent way to scribble ideas, formulate plans and refine strategies that aren’t quite ready to be set in stone. You can edit and editorialize at will, and whenever anything isn’t working, you can just wipe it away.

4. Message Boards

If the office network is always on the fritz, consider going old school with messages written in longhand. Everyone on your floor will be able to communicate quickly and effectively, and as a bonus, a whiteboard will also add a personal touch to information exchanges.

5. Motivational Ideas

Are you susceptible to midday slumps? Would it help if you had inspiration to keep working hard right in front of you? A whiteboard can be a powerful motivational tool when covered with quotes and images that fire up your spirit and improve your productivity.

6. Daily Tasks

If you have trouble juggling all of your everyday responsibilities, a whiteboard will keep you organized by providing a platform for reminders, checklists, tallies and other important self-memos. It can also keep you ahead of quotas and project itineraries.

7. Presentations

You don’t need PowerPoint to give a great speech. A whiteboard can double as your visual aid just as well, and you won’t be limited by the linear and structured templates of digital software. Draw freely, sketch openly and squiggle your lines as much as you’d like.

If you’re ready to take your office to the next level, these are just seven ways to boost your brainstorming and optimize your business meetings by using whiteboards. Happy innovating!