An entrepreneur is also a career!

If you are in your early 20s or just graduated from university, some people said that it is time you will enter the real jungle. You will deal with your parent’s opinion and other people who also contributes a lot to your study about the career path that you will choose. Parents say that working in an office sitting in front of the computer is the perfect job you could have. But rather than that, you choose to build your own company with you as the boss. Therefore, you should give your parents reasons why an entrepreneur is the perfect job have been dreaming about.

The reason why parents are really hard to let their child choose a career as an entrepreneur is that the possibility of the business fail is big. Though in fact, there is actually no guarantee in any job that you will not face failure. People working really well as an office worker with the fear of being fired. You will also face doubt and fear the first time you try to work on your own but that is normal. However, when you are working as an entrepreneur, the fear of failure that you may have in mind is defeated by your curiosity to explore new things. So you will work as if you have no fear and start to develop your business.

If you are a person with many ideas which may come out of nowhere, working as an office worker will hold back those ideas to happen. The company has its own goals and rule that you should follow so you can not work adding your own ideas as you wish. Meanwhile, an idea is one of the things that will keep your business lasting long. Working as an entrepreneur requires you to always have a new idea to come up with to innovate the business. Thus, you will enjoy the freedom of doing creative work that still keeping your personal value.

Being an entrepreneur is not only doing what you like. Other than that, an entrepreneur is a combination of determination, effort, and dedication. It is important to have those things to convince your parents that you have committed to choosing your own career path. You also need to invest your time and energy to accomplish the main goals. Therefore, be sure that you have already done several types of research and homework before starting the business.