Boot Camp Vs. Wilderness Therapy

Growing up can be a difficult journey for many. Parents will often find themselves with a rebellious, defiant or delinquent teenager. Parents may do all they can to help their child, but there may be a real need to seek outside help. In these instances, a good place to look would be behavior modification schools.

These schools or programs are different from the boot camp for teenagers that are often publicized. In many instances, the aim of the boot camp is to ‘scare straight’ any troubled teens. In many cases, this will work for a short time but will not have long lasting effects. These programs do not always address the core problems. Once a teen is back at home, old habits quickly resurface.

To truly get to the root of the problem, behavior modification is best. This can be accomplished at one of many fine Christian boarding schools for boys. Here, a teenager is away from the negative influences at home and is able to work on behavioral issues in a safe and monitored environment. The child is able to then understand the problem, what things are triggers and be better equipped to go home.

With the right program, a troubled teen can happily rejoin his family and move on to lead a productive and healthy life. It is not a failure of the parents to have to utilize such a program. Sometimes, parents simply need to reach out for help.