Career Prospect for Journalism and Mass Communication

As a student, you may feel worry and confused with what you will become in the future, because after you have finished your school and college, then you have to get a job. You cannot always be your parent’s kid forever, because someday you will have your own life. After graduating from senior high school, you may get confused about where you should continue your education. Before deciding which major that you want to take, it is better for you to look for any information about the career prospect of that major. Because you have to foresee what you are going to be come in the next 10 or even 15 years, make sure you at least have a plan about the job you want to take starting from right now. One of the favorite majors that usually students want to take as their concentration is in Journalism and Mass Communication study program. It is because this major has quite promising job prospect for its graduated students.

Taking Journalism and Mass Communication as your major is something that could be interesting for you who like reporting, writing articles or news, presenting news and so on. Mass Communication is the study of mass media including all kinds of mass media such as newspaper, magazine, radio, films, television, and others. The graduates from this major study can work in many fields of work such as news and media publishing, public relations, and research institutes. This field of work is a fast growing industry that is looking for professional enterprising. Therefore, this Journalism program is specially designed to make you have a quite lot of job opportunities in mass media and communication field such as print, internet, radio, television and corporate communication.

Why should you take Journalism and Mass Communication study program? You have to have a strong reason about why are you taking certain study program. For the Journalism and Mass Communication, the strongest reason is coming from its prospect. Since nowadays information and news are something that is so important, it makes many information sources highly increased from newspaper, magazine, television report, and so on. Because of the increase number of these information fields, the prospect of journalist is endless. Besides, the job is now more challenging because of the globalization that can make you work for some languages at once. The information media is not always about finance and economic, but it has quite diverse fields such as politics, culture, investigation, sport and so on for newspaper or magazine and also the radio or television.

The career prospects that you may have in the future after taking this Journalism and Mass Communication study program are such as editing, reporting, advertising, media management, public relations, corporate communication, television and film production, news presenter, and other related jobs.