Einstein, the Reason Why Time Travel Research is still going

Albert Einstein is someone who extremely famous in the world of science. One theory that boosts the name of Einstein is the Relativity Theory. It explains the details of viewpoint, movement, time and even the lights. There are two type of relativity theory mentioned by him. The first is divided into two postulates. Indeed, both of the postulates convey the existing logic about the speed, movement as well as the light speed. This theory is also the reason why there is different time measurement in the same time. This fact is called as the time dilation.

The concept of time and space is also mentioned well in the general relativity theory of Einstein. It gives the pure explanation about the presence of Gravitational time dilation. This is one thing which affects and even influences the changes that happen in the whole galaxy. One finding that makes everything acceptable is that the more mass and the bent of the planet, the amount of the gravity will be higher. If there are some small bent which have a very huge mass as the opposite, this thing is called as the black hole.

Speaking about the black hole concept of Einstein, it also shows the chance of Worm Hole to be controlled. Worm holes will reduce the distance from a spot to the others. This will also relate to the Potentialism Theory which is available today. In the science, Einstein is also famous with his time travel possibility and the basic theory which has the term of E=MC2. Theatrically, the time travel is capable to be done. According to Einstein, there are some methods that can be done to realize the actual time travel. It includes riding the plane with the light speed, stay in the place with a very strong gravitation or using the device called traversable worm hole.

Somehow, time travel to the past is only possible if the plane has higher speed than the light speed and there is a traversable worm hole. After all, the findings about the time, gravity, as well as the power of worm hole made Einstein is very popular. Some of the findings are still used and valuable for today. Some other things that bring up the name of Einstein is about the concept of Twin Paradox. This is one of the theories which made to be very simple, so everyone can understand about the concept of relativity theory.