Finding Great Talents from Piles of Resumes

Recruiting can be a tiring process. Yes, indeed, that is the job that needs to be done if you run a company. It is really impossible for you to run your company, whenever it has grown bigger, on your own. Thus, you need to deal with recruitment. However, once you open recruitment, heaps of resumes piled up and inbox is filled with cover letters. Even though standard operating procedure is set and the whole recruitment process is standardized, the hectic administrative sorting out jobs is sometime too much for a busy company. No matter what your business scale is, and whether you run the business from a fancy office, virtual office or home office, the worst nightmare of recruitment cycle is administration selection. Hiring a recruitment agent can be a solution as long as the budget is available, but when the cost is beyond the scheme, whether we like it or not, selecting piles of resumes is simply unavoidable.


Great talents may be hidden in the files and to find them is the challenge. Selecting resumes and sorting out the shortlisted candidates do take time. While all cover letters and curriculum vitae expose the strengths of the potential employees, the outstanding ones are usually excel in the record. Being persistent with the qualifications of the open positions will be the first sort out stage. When the numbers are still many, searching for excellence in the related skills and or experience that will be useful for the future job. Resumes of previous experience and the description will help giving preliminary picture about the acquired competence.


Positions of the referee mentioned in the resumes will also show how the prospective candidates maintained relationship with their super ordinates. Besides listing down the career history and summarizing the responsibilities that they carried before, candidates who developed careful resumes in attractive yet standard format are worth given a chance for the further step since it shows the level of seriousness they took in applying for the positions. When the resumes are sent through electronic mail, it is necessary to have them printed or make them visually available in the selecting meeting, so that the comparisons and analysis of the remaining applicants are clear.