Girls, Look Your Best for School

As the summer months wind down, we shift our attention from lazy days and nights to getting ready for the first week back to school. Some of us have not been so fortunate as to relax through the summer, as we have held down some form of work. Certainly, we have not missed the early wake up calls nonetheless!

Let’s focus on grades 9-12, since this is when we are focused the most on our daily appearance and catching the eye of that boy across the hall. If school uniforms are required, we will figure out ways to accessorize to add a personal touch.

Then, we will step out of the uniforms and into our dancing attire to burn off some of that stress. Our wrap-up will cover some cute #ootd’s for all those who are not required to wear a school uniform.

Turn Blah Into Ahah

Many school districts in the United States have a dress code, while others have implemented a school uniform. If your district requires a uniform, you may be stressed over how to personalize it. After all, the chances are good that it’s a generic look.

Relax, it’s not that difficult after all. The first line of defense is your shoe selection. How about a ballet flat that is two-tone? If you go the route of sneakers, add your unique flavor in the laces.

When choosing socks, most girls go with black or white. Splurge (if you are allowed of course) on a colorful pair of patterned socks to add some contrast. Try trouser socks, slouched with loafers. On the days when you are feeling bold, go with knee socks. When that temperature drops to chilly and below, break out the tights to turn some heads.

Time to Dance

Harem pants for hip hop dance are a trend that is back and improved. Since the hip-hop music scene has evolved, so too has the fashion. The days of baggy sweat pants are behind us, as the harem pants are tighter around the ankles and knees, yet just loose enough to allow plenty of movement.


Social media apps like Instagram are filled with gals like us who show off their outfits for school. Hashtags fill the spectrum dedicated to attire. Kristin Koch, the editor of Seventeen, compiled 43 outfits for back to school that are not just cute, but practical.

You will find everything from jeans that make a statement, to a classic white tee, and skirts matched with tops to catch the eyes of those about you. These outfits are cute, and they are practical. This list was compiled with time in mind, as you can slip them on quickly.

Regardless, if your school district enforces a dress code, uniform, or if you have full liberty to dress as you see fit, embrace the trends of 2017 and be yourself!