Homeschooling Vs. Public School

According to some researches, there are more than 2.04 million students who are doing the homeschool in United States of America. The number keeps on increasing over 75% since 1999. In Indonesia itself, the number of families that choose to use the homeschooling is still increasing. According to HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association), there are over 2000 families that choose homeschool for their children. By this fact, there are still more Indonesian families that choose public schools as their best way to educate the children.

Homeschooling comes as a solution for some parents that are not satisfy with the the school system. It is known as a way of learning that gives more freedom in some aspects. Homeschooling lets your children to learn without the time limit and lets them to explore everything that they like, whenever they want, as long as they want. The homeschooled students have possibilities to visit more museums or historical places that can supports the educational even better. Besides, homeschooling reduces the possibilities of some emotional pressure that mostly happened in public schools, such as bullies, peer pressure, boredom. The parents of the homeschooled students think that homeschooling is the best way to educate the children because homeschooling helps parents to know their child’s ability more through the lessons that they give and can give extra help to something that their children are still challenged in. Parents can spent their 24/7 with their children that can form a closer relationship with their children. The homeschooled students also have more time to rest because they have spent quality time in learning privately. However, homeschooling requires creative parents that have the role as teacher. The parents have to be creative in every lesson to give an interesting learning for their children. In addition, parents have to spent most of the time with their children to educate and this gives the parents less possibility to work full time. In financial, homeschooling is usually more expensive than the public schools, because homeschooling needs to provide the tools that public schools can provide to support the education. Parents that are interested in using homeschooling for their children have to be stong in financial as one of the parent as teacher cannot work full time and homeschooling needs to provide some special tools that usually they can get in public schools.

Many people ask about which one has the better result, the homeschool or public school? Some researches that are done in United States says that the homeschooled students have a better result in the GPA and also has more percentage in graduation rate. Parents often times worry about their children’s ability in making relationship with peers if they take the  homeschooling. This can be solved by joining them in some courses or community programs. These are some comparison between homeschooling and public schools. These may help the parents to decide the best way to educate the children and provide the suitable way of education to the children.