Hoping to Find a Job when I Graduate

I am already scouting for jobs once I graduate. I am going to be a teacher but I know jobs can be hard to find especially if you want decent pay. I am looking into educational internships at mandrien and other internships to get started if I can’t find a real job right off. I am already working as I student aid. I help the professor with everything. I even stepped in to teach one of his classes once when he was busy.

He teaches psychology. It was one of my electives and I enjoyed it and I enjoy helping him and sitting through his classes because he is such a good teacher and his lectures are riveting even though many would think the subjects would be dull. He has a way of making them interesting.

I love learning about the mind. The psychological info can only help me to teach better as well. A teacher who understands the child’s mind and the developmental stage they are at will be a much better teacher than the average who is just fumbling about.

A lot of teachers are actually pretty bad at it.