How and Why to Start a Career in Cosmetology

A cosmetology career is rewarding both for the individual and for the many lives that he or she will touch. A skilled cosmetologist can help hundreds of people feel more beautiful and confident. With a two-year associate’s degree, an individual will learn how to care for and style hair as well as provide relaxation and spa services.

Typically, all that is required to begin a cosmetology degree is a high school diploma. The coursework incorporates a variety of skills, such as hair cutting and styling, nail care and makeup application. Many schools also include business classes in the curriculum because of the likelihood that the students will own their own businesses. In fact, many cosmetologists are self-employed. These classes will include business management, health and safety, and state regulations for salon ownership.

After receiving an associate’s degree, the individual must usually pass a test before beginning his or her career. These tests are regulated by the states; therefore, regulations differ from state to state. Some states have only written examinations while others incorporate oral and practical skills.

An individual with a cosmetology degree has a variety of options for where their degree will lead them. For example, the individual may work in a salon, preferring the stability and constancy of clients and the simplicity of working for someone else. Another option would be starting his or her own salon business, hiring other cosmetologists and barbers, training, doing payroll, advertising and enjoying the independence of being an entrepreneur. Still another possibility would involve becoming a hair and makeup artist for runway models or photo shoots for television, magazines and more.

Two other degrees that are related to cosmetology include barbering and esthetics. Barber degrees focus mainly on hair, including cutting, styling, clipping, perming, coloring and shaving. On the other hand, an esthetics degree will prepare the individual for caring for the skin with facials, body wraps, relaxation techniques and other types of spa care.

Cosmetology can be a highly gratifying career choice for those who love social interaction, enjoy changing styles and have a creative side. With so many avenues down which a person with this type of degree can go, it is highly beneficial to receive a well-rounded degree from a cosmetology school, such as Ron King Academy. The best type of degree will focus on all aspects of the individual’s development, including career skills and interpersonal relationships.