How to Encourage Your Kids to Learn to Count

Studying including counting number is a boring activity for kids. All they want to do is playing and playing. As parents, you cannot push your kids to learn to count but in the other side, it is important for a kid to learn to count before they enter school. So, how to make them love learning to count? As parents, you should make a smart strategy to deal with your kids who don’t want to learn at all. Here are the tips for you.

What you need to remember in mind when you want to ask your kids to learn to count is that you have to make the activity become fun. Make your kids feel that they are playing instead of studying. You can buy interesting media for your children such as number in big form and colorful color. When you are teaching your kids, don’t make it too serious. Use those media and you can also sing song about counting. Besides dealing with the real form of number, you can teach your kids by counting many things around you. For example, you can count their favorite toys.

Another thing you can do to make your kids to learn to count is you ask your kids to count food such as fruit or cake before they eat it. After your kids count them, you can give the food as a reward. Besides teaching how to count, this will also teach your kids to make effort on something they want to get. Don’t forget to give reward for your kids after they successfully count the number. Well, the reward doesn’t need to be expensive. A sweet lollipop or a cute toy will make them very happy and it can trigger them to learn even more diligent.