How To Find a Job

Some say the economy has been booming for several years now. Others say we are seeing the initial stages of a recession. All you know is you need a job, and that’s proving to be more difficult than you first thought. Here are some helpful things to consider during your search for the right role that is in alignment with your skills and passion.

Use an Employment Agency

If you’re a woman re-entering the workforce after an extended leave, consider utilizing a new program specifically designed around you. You can also go to a woman owned employment agency in boston. Both work on placement, although one is more tailored to soft skills and programming and the other is geared for placement. Both groups can have solid placement and retention rates.

Use Your Sphere of Influence

Did you know only 4% of people land jobs as a result of applying through a job board? By and large, most people land jobs through other people. It’s not necessarily related to nepotism. It’s just that there are always people in the market for a new job, and a personal referral can go a long way! Let everyone you know be aware that you’re looking so they can keep their ears to the ground.

Psychometric Testing

It may seem counterintuitive, but many people aren’t even sure where they’re unique skills and passion align. Don’t end up taking a job out of fear. Consider doing testing that will give you solid results in regard to what you’re good at, how each of your greatest skills pair together to form an ideal role and sync that up with what brings you joy. It is possible to do meaningful work that you enjoy.

The job market is competitive and challenging. But it can also be rewarding. There are more available jobs than people in the market so be patient. If you leverage some of the resources here, you’re sure to find something suited for you in due time.