How to Vet Your Employees

Are you a department head looking to fill the ranks? Or maybe you’re a newly-promoted manager who isn’t sure what’s expected of you when it comes to the hiring and firing of employees. Whatever your reasons for thinking about employee verification, here are just three ways to ensure they were honest on their resume.

1. Run A Background Check

Simple background checks will prove that they aren’t wanted felons. More in-depth checks can reveal things like education, job history, financial standing and lawsuits filed by or against them. Never hire an employee without scattering the ghosts first.

2. Check Their Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are a great way to get the measure of a candidate without even needing to interview them. You can gauge everything from integrity to intelligence level when you examine the kinds of photos they post, the kind of comments they leave and the kind of people they friend. You’ll also be warned right away if they’re slackers or bad-mouthers.

3. Call Their References

References usually provide the most honest assessments of someone’s character, especially if they’re a former boss or supervisor; they’ll be able to tell you all about the candidate’s attitude, personality, punctuality and work ethic. If you don’t feel like cold-calling them yourself, you can also enlist professional reference checking companies to do the job for you. Find out more by clicking here.

These are just three ways to vet job applicants before rolling out the red carpet for them. If you’re serious about only hiring the best, do your research first.