Is Hobby Important for Academic Achievement?

Academic AchievementMost parents will prepare their children to get good quality education not only to shape their personality but also to shape their future. However, children commonly find something interesting in the middle of their education progress. It is called as hobby. Some of popular hobbies are music, painting, writing, soccer, and many more. Commonly the hobbies are related with non academic field such as art and sport.

Most parents say that hobby is not promising; therefore they force their children to accelerate the academic achievement rather than non academic. The paradigm of education is if children can achieve high grade on academic achievement, they will have good feature. Actually this paradigm is not wrong. However, the real world of adult is more than just academic good report. Education can be your children’s burden if they do it because of too many forces. Sometime force is good to prod your children. However you also should give them change to express their feeling through what they like. Hobby is not just a side activity for your children. In other hand hobby is an activity that they want to do with happy heart.

Hobby can help your children to dig more information and experience about the outer world or academic education. It can be very useful for them to get more knowledge and also increase their ability to socialize. Nowadays, most of children cannot socialize well because of the advance of technology. Through hobby, children can learn again how to socialize with real people.

Sometimes, hobby is the root of their career. They who have natural gift should be developed whether for professional purpose or just for hobby. Remember, any hobby that your children do now, if they can master it well, it sure can help them for financial issue. However as parents, you must help them to direct a good and useful hobby. Remember that there are some of bad hobbies that are not good for your children. Thus, instead of refuse their current hobby, you can give them more support to others hobby that is more useful such as playing music, painting, drama, martial art, sport, and so on. Just be patient and always support them. And last, don’t ever force them to get a particular hobby. It is not useful because they will do it because of a must not their own willingness.