Nothing Could Be Finer than to Be in Carolina

If you find yourself in the Carolinas you are pretty lucky. If you just moved to North Carolina you likely have a lot to do to get settled. Here is a simple list of to-do’s to get you started.

Find a Job

This is one of the scariest and most time-sensitive matters of relocating. It is essential to find a job in order to keep paying bills and buying food!

  • Start early and send out resume copies and applications before the move actually happens. Shoot for the moon when applying; a new area means a new beginning, so if you want to try something new professionally now is the time!
  • Find out what is produced locally in the Carolinas and look to those large companies as guidance. Many automotive manufacturers are located in South Carolina, for example. If you have a commercial driver’s license, search for class A CDL jobs in Charlotte NC. Opportunity is waiting so long as you are chasing it!

Change Plates and Licenses

North and South Carolina have time-sensitive laws about the transfer of vehicles from another state, so make sure that you get on this as soon as possible. North Carolina requires your vehicle’s title to be transferred within 60 days, while South Carolina requires 45 days. Additionally, get your driver’s license in the new state you live in. Since it’s always uncertain how long these things can take, give yourself more time than you expect to need.

Learn the Area

It can take time to get to know a new area. Take a day or two to drive around and familiarize yourself with it. Find a few local landmarks:

  • Grocery store. When you’re unpacking and realize you’re starving and have nothing to eat, the grocery store is there for you. Bonus points if it’s open 24 hours.
  • Gas station. Another late-night savior, the local gas station isn’t just for filling up your tank. It’s about bottled water, a (hopefully) clean restroom and snacks.
  • Library. If the internet hasn’t been set up in your new home yet, the library is the perfect place to bring a laptop and do some quiet work. The added bonus is that if you’re a bookworm, there’s plenty of reading to do.

North or South Carolina, moving to a new place is not easy. Prepare yourself for a learning curve, but do whatever it takes to stay focused and hopeful for a new future.