Overcoming Writer’s Block: When Writing Seems Impossible

In all professions or jobs, challenges are inevitable. Jobs that require inter-personal contacts where both verbal and non-verbal communications are very significant always have risks of miscommunication and direct complaints. Jobs that require intrapersonal skills and put forward independence in performing the tasks always have risks of limited timeline and keeping internal drive up all the time. In both types of previously mentioned jobs, writing takes place in many ways, such as reporting, designing project proposals and in academic field, journals as well as other publications are parts of the professional demands. Some people are gifted in expressing their thoughts, ideas, analysis and problem solving through written forms, but some others have to struggle to perform this activity. However, even the most productive, talented person has sometimes encountered situations where writing seems impossible anymore to do, when no more ideas flow and when one does not know where to start or how continue. This is called a writer’s block and it can happen to anyone.


The symptom can get worse when deadlines are approaching. Forcing to write will do no help at all and instead of making the time left productive, it will add up to the tension. Hence supportive writing condition will not be created. Overcoming blocks of ideas is not hard when it is anticipated beforehand. Especially when someone is dealing with non-fiction genre, the composition and structure of the writing can be developed before getting it written and done. Outlining will help the writer to stay on track in good organization of ideas. The challenge might be harder for fictions genre where creative writing takes place and imagination is the key role to the overall piece of work. When block of ideas hinder the job, the best way to do is to leave it for some time to get refreshed. Most of the time, the problems are not caused by incapability to write but simply to get a break, a productive break.


Productive break means a break or a rest that will help a writer or someone who is in the process of writing to refresh his/ her mind and get physically freshen up. The best way to recharge is sometimes to think at all about the topics, flow of arguments, data reports or climax plots of stories. Opening up the blocks is sometimes easier to do when the mood is positive. Dealing with research data and analysis for days or compiling reports for hours can be energy consuming. Writing novels or short stories days and nights can also make a writer’s worn out. One thing to always keep in mind, writing is a productive activity that requires both fresh mind and body, without those elements, blocks will get worse and harder to overcome. Boosting moods and keeping it positive will also help a lot in upgrading energy level.