Performance: How Important It Is in Your Career Success?

Many people think that performance is in fact the only key to open career success. Moreover, it is also possible for you to think about it in the same way. The question is; is it really the only key you can use in order to gain success in doing your career, especially when you work for someone else in a certain company? Unfortunately, it is not. Some researches even prove, performance only take for about 10% part of the success in most career types found in all over the world.

Besides performance, career success should also be supported by two other keys. The first one is called as image, which are researches to take for about 30% of the whole part. The meaning of image here is no other else but your own personal brand which can also be explained as the way people see you at work. Other than this, there last key is exposure which takes the biggest part among all keys. If you are not really familiar with this term, it is related to some questions like the question about whether or not there are people who know about you and, of course, what you do at work. Certainly, this also includes the boss.

If seen from the previous explanation, it seems performance takes only the smallest part compared to the other keys to career success. Even so, it does not mean you can perform badly at work since it will only give you bad result as well. The most important thing you have to know in performing your job is no other else but the quality of your job related to the tasks given to you. Besides, the result of your performance should also be good if you really want to fulfill the 10% value of performance perfectly in order to gain success properly.