Recommended Part Time Job for Women

You who want to get extra money per month, you need to think for part time job. You still can do your activity or your primary job and you can get extra money from your part time job. There are some part time jobs to choose for all women and you better choose lucrative jobs. Lucrative jobs will give you more time for your family and in the same time you will get extra earning. Now, you will know some part time jobs that recommended for you.

First you can apply as freelance blogging or writing. It is good option for all of you who have free time and want to earn 10,000 up to 50,000 per month. You just need to write content from your home and then deliver your well-written or offline publishers. This job will need 8 up to 10 hours of your time per day but you are free to manage your own time. It is one of best part time jobs to choose for women.

Second, you can choose part time job to have tuition classes. You only need three up to four hours per day for tuition classes and how much money that you will earn from this part time job? You can earn 20,000 up to 30,000 per month. Your earning will depend on the number of students that you teach too. There are some other jobs that you can choose such as open playschool and also being a beautician. You need to ensure yourself that you have ability to do your part time job. At least you must have knowledge about your job too. Now you have already known some part time jobs to choose above and you can start earn extra money per month. Although you do part time job, please ensure that you have enough time to care of your family members too.