Resumes for New Graduates: How to Make them Sound Unique

Starting the last year of your studies at the university can be exciting, being more experienced than other peers with how to handle the ropes of going to school full time is noticeable. Also, you are in the final stages on becoming a responsible adult with a promising career. Some students that you may know, have had a part-time job, that is irrelevant to what they plan on accomplishing later on. It is more of a filler to make some extra money while waiting to start your career. Ideally, a career should suit one’s educational background and interests. It is important to choose a degree that you see yourself doing till you retire. In reality, more job openings are available in fields that are not connected to what you majored in while going to college. However, if you just graduated from an online leadership program, you can use your skills anywhere you go since every industry is looking for strong leaders. The most confusing this is you will need to fill our your resume which will have a list of your experience and educational qualifications. How is it possible to make an outstanding and unique resume that will attract HR to call you for an interview?


Experience is something that you need to focus on as soon as you can, having a part-time job while attending high school will look better than if you were to just go to school with no side job. Employers want employees with great work ethic and experience. If you are worried about not being able to provide information about previous work experience, do not make it up. Hunting for jobs that require years of experience in the field you want to go in to  is not a wise decision on your part. Focus on the openings that invite and encourage fresh graduates. When typing up your resume, it is very important to list your name, phone number, e-mail address, address, educational background, experience and achievements. Make sure that you understand how to organize your resume so that it gives the employer a sense that you are very organized and orderly. Be direct yet summarize it enough so that it doesn’t take up more than a line.


If you want to have certain parts stand out, highlight the qualifications with bullet points and bold lettering. For example, they require a person with good communication skills and adaptable to various cultural background. This shows that you will be expected to coordinate a lot in a multicultural environment. To show that you are the right candidate for the position, expose in your resume the ability to get in touch with people from different backgrounds, perhaps through your involvement in the student body or clubs or a rewarding encounter during one of the projects that you did in the study. This summary will enable the potential employer to see that although experience is not you best point but during the study completion, whenever possible you keep developing yourself to the standard that will not only meet the class requirement but a level that will be useful for you in the professional world. So, besides focusing on what you don’t have, highlight what you have and do make connections with the soft skills that the company seeks from a potential candidate. Happy hunting!