Test of Written English Tips that Work

Are you preparing for international study admission or fighting for scholarship opportunities? One of required documents on the list, when you do not speak English as your first language is the proof of language competence. This test is officially designed by a reputable language test center that measures the ability of a non native English speaker to participate in the learning process in an English speaking country. It is normally divided into several sections, including listening, reading, writing and speaking parts. Aiming to study, you will need to pay serious attention to the written part of the test.


Depending on the language tests types, writing section can comprise two to three essays with various topics from different field of studies or aspects of life. Of course, there will be some problems that you might face whenever you are writing. However, you should not worry. The following are tips to deal with written English test successfully:


  1. 1.     Time management

Before starting to write, it is always important to check the available time. It is really important indeed especially if you are demanded to write with deadline. This is to plan your steps in writing. Take for instance that you are required to write 300 words essay in 20 minutes. Use the first 5 minutes to understand the topic and construct the arguments or flow of the writing. Spend the rest 15 minutes or less to write and when there is time left, use for editing.


  1. 2.     Organizing ideas

Putting your arguments or ideas in concise yet clear way will enable whoever the reader of your essay can understand your thoughts easily. This is the key to get a good score, i.e. organization of ideas. Logically, organize them from most to least important or chronologically. That way you can make a nice writing which will be easily understood by your reader.


  1. 3.     Diction or choice of words

It is important to provide the suitable tone of word option to your writing. When you are required to write an essay, direct and effective diction is the key. Do not use flattery words or over describe some parts. Remember, stick to formal language!