How to Get Your Child Involved In their Birthday Party Preparations

Organizing a birthday party can be a lot of hard work, not just with the venue and the games, but also with the food. However, you want to organize a party that your child and their friends will enjoy, so why not try to involve them as much as possible.

The other benefit to your child helping you is that they can help with some of the preparations as well. It will take some of the work off you and make it part of the experience for them.


One of the most important things to think about first is the theme of the party. If your child wants to have a theme, let them decide which one they want. It will then allow you to focus your efforts on trying to fit in with that.

If they don’t want a specific theme, then think about the season the party will be in to add structure to the party. For example, if it is in summer, the party can have brightly colored decorations and outdoor games.

The Venue

It could be that they want to go somewhere specific for their party. Maybe they want to go to the cinema or a certain restaurant. If that is the case, then arranging the party direct with the company is that is needed.

If, however, they want a general party, you need to find a location that will accommodate their ideas. One option is to have the party at your home, it can be easier and more cost effective than hiring a venue, and they might simply want to play console games with their friends.

Guest List

The guest list is vital for your child, so it is important that they have as much input as possible. You need to have the list finished a while before the party so you can organize invitations and get the food.

Arrange a cut off time with them so that they know no-one else can be invited after a set date. You also might want to limit the number who are coming, especially if you are entertaining at home.


Create further excitement by allowing your child to design their own party invites and let your child’s imagination to come out. Let them think of the design for the invitations; they can even use a free online invitation maker like the one at Adobe Spark.

Once the invitations are finished, you can email them out to the attendees, or you can distribute them.


Another exciting part for your child is decorating the venue ready for the party. They can make bunting, blow up balloons and even make paper flowers. Letting them help to create the party decorations will give them a sense of involvement and responsibility.

There are many other ways you can get your child involved. You can ask them to choose the party games, arrange a song list and choose the menu. It will make the whole occasion special for your child, and it will be one they will remember for a long time.