Tips to Writing a Good Essay Quickly

In some cases, writing a good essay for a timed exam like the high school’s Advanced Placement exam is necessary. This task has to be done as quickly as possible whether you procrastinated on writing it or you allowed it to sneak up on you. Even though a last minute essay will never be as perfect as one you spent your time on, it is still doable. With some hard work and some planning, you can write that essay quickly and make it good enough for passing that exam.

Read Others’ Essays

Much like reading those books that help perfect your writing style subconsciously, reading others’ essays will also help to build and develop your writing style. Take some time and read a few essays written by others including those of academics and your peers. Go through essays of various subjects and not just the topic you are studying. This will allow you to get a grasp on different styles and arguments, therefore, the more essays you read, the more potential techniques you pick up and use in your own essays. You can check out some essays by visiting

Study the Essay Question

The essay will generally be directed by a prompt or requirement such as a quote that has a question. It’s essential that you carefully read and understand exactly what it’s asking of you.

Brainstorm and Gather Ideas

Gather up facts, quotes and other pieces of information that you read and categorize together into topics and sub-topics that are related. Try to present 3 strong points that you will use to support your argument. Brainstorming can also help you develop and revise your thesis. There are various sources available to you for brainstorming and gathering ideas and topics such as your library, newspaper archives or online journals.

Drafting up Your Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement should be a well-thought out, succinct and clear argument. You have an idea at this point of what you want to claim, however, you might still need to revise your thesis as you go. It might have to be re-written because it’s too broad, for instance.

Craft an Outline

The outline you come up with will be used to guide you and organize your main subject sentences as well as following pieces of evidence so help support your argument. These also provide you with a snapshot of how the sequence and logic of your argument is structured.

Good Vocabulary

You can express what you mean better, clearer and more concise with a good vocabulary. A good essay’s characteristics are its economy with words since readers prefer not to read long and rambling points that a half of number of words could have expressed.

Support Your Argument with Clear Statements

While writing your paper, ensure each sentence relates to your thesis directly. Don’t include extra words that are not adding any value to your sentences. Every sentence you write should be concise and clear with confusing constructions or words.

Edit and Revise

The editing and revising stage of paper writing is essential. Always allow some time to go over your essay and revise it accordingly. In fact, do this step a couple of times. Be sure to check all punctuation, spelling, grammar and appropriate word use. You can even remove some sentences entirely if necessary.