Every Child is Special: When Disability Turns to Blessings

Every child is born special and unique. Some are healthy, strong and physically capable of doing anything while some are blessed with special conditions that make them specially-able people. The issues that cause special conditions are countless, from undeveloped organs during pregnancy to rare health conditions that flare up shortly after being born. The reasons why are endless but not your fault.. All of these defects are unpredictable and in most cases is something parents take for granted. Raising a child with learning disability is tough and challenging when dad and mum are resentful. The feeling of disappointment and continuous stress is dealt with on a daily basis. The helpless support that the child needs every day can be very depressing. Resentment can be experienced for the first few months that the child is born; some parents are resentful their entire lives. If is very important for parents to understand that if rejections continues to happen, the child will feel rejected and will feel alone.


While every child with a learning disability has to go through some continuous assessments and therapies, parents need to be positive that every effort is made to bring a better quality of life to the child and adding colors to his her day. In some severe conditions where improvements and life expectation or recovery assessment is minimal, quality of life should not be made less. Love and acceptance are the values that the child comprehends. Spending the days with smiles and affection will contribute a lot to these children.


In some light cases, such as early stage of autism and attention deficit disorder, therapeutic sessions are meant to help children be responsible and be in good contact with others. Some dyslexic cases when noticed early and treated well can be cured. Early intervention with learning obstacles can help children improve their condition and learn to be independent. Thorough assessment can also help parents to get a comprehensive picture of the child’s condition, the treatments that should be taken as well as possibilities that the child is actually gifted.  Some parents help their children thrive and pursue going to college if their special condition is not physical. A lot of parents opt to have their newly graduated senior register for online classes at home. You can find a variety of degrees that will give your child a bright future; such as a masters in public health which is widely used in today’s society. If your child wants to work with children, then a teaching certificate is attainable and only takes a few years. Having your son or daughter take classes online will help them stay focused and motivated for a fresh new start.