A Brighter Future For You At Anderson College

I guess I am like most of you out there, going to college not knowing what to study or which direction to take. I have been going to a local college here Toronto for 2 years but I still do not know what direction I should take.  I have some interest in the medical field but could not see myself going to school  for all those years.

So after discussions with my parents we agreed that I would not return to college for my third year. Why go and spend the money when you do not know what road to take.  A little time off would be good for me.

Growing up with a mom who has Cerebral Palsy made me appreciate my mom a lot more. It takes her twice the time and the effort to do the same things we take for granted. To her credit she is a champ and never uses her disability as a crutch. She is able to walk and do most things but has limited movement on her right side.

On her recent trip to the therapist I was talking to a recent graduate from Anderson College. She is a  physiotherapy assistant.  I spoke with her for about a half an hour and she really got me thinking about Anderson College and the programs they offer.

The physiotherapy assistant could not say enough nice things about Anderson College. Having a mom with a disability and knowing that I can help her and others has got me excited about school again.

When we got home I quickly got on the internet and searched for the physiotherapy assistant program at Anderson College. I was impressed with all the things that Anderson College was able to provide as well as all the positive feedback from its graduates. With my semester winding down I will have enough time to register for the new semester at Anderson College.

A Physiotherapy therapist works under the supervision of a registered physiotherapist that assist’s them in the treatment of those that are physically or mentally disabled. Anderson College has an amazing program that provides hands on training that will help me get a job at a hospital, rehabilitation centers, insurance companies, long term care and other places as will.

Their program focuses on theoretical and practical areas to the development and functions of the human body. They also teach you how to prepare treatment and equipment areas for each specific training.  Their training will provide me with opportunities that I do not have now. The programs that  Anderson College has concentrates on the exact areas where the jobs are today.

They  will be having an open house in 2 weeks and I plan on being there. I guess you can say I am on my way. Do yourself a favor and see what Anderson College has to offer you.