Who are Britain’s Happiest Workers?

Just how happy are you in your job? This is what researchers recently asked 2,000 workers, including 299 teachers, to find out who was happiest at work and what made them happy or discontented.

The research, commissioned by Surbiton High School, asked the workers to rate their level of contentment in 11 main areas, including pay, perks, promotion prospects and interpersonal relationships. Scored out of 10, it was found that:

  • Workers were most pleased with their holiday entitlement and relations with colleagues, rating both a seven.
  • Opportunities for progression or promotion rated five.
  • Many employees were not happy with the perks they received (suggesting that laptops, mobile phones or private health care could be included in their employment package) giving this a lowly four.

The workers were also asked to identify other aspects that they considered important to them:

  • 35% considered an easy commute to work to be important
  • 34% would like to be able to organise their own work load
  • 33% wanted to feel that they were making a difference
  • 22% wanted to be able to chat with people every day
  • 18% would appreciate an annual bonus
  • 14% would be happier with regular tea breaks

The study estimated that, overall, the average British adult is 59% happy at work.

Commenting on the findings, Surbiton High School principal Ann Heydon said it was encouraging to find that so many people were relatively satisfied at work at a time when job security in some companies was still an issue. She noted that, for many, happiness at work was determined more by what they could achieve and the difference they could make rather than pay, values that Surbiton tried to instil in its pupils.

As for the happiest workers, those in teaching jobs topped the list; their only real issues being lack of perks and limited promotion opportunities due to the bottleneck in the education sector. Secretaries came second, their favourable workloads and good relationships with their bosses keeping them happy.

The full list of Britain&#8217s happiest professions is:

  1. Teacher
  2. Secretary
  3. Engineer
  4. Accountant
  5. Driver
  6. Shop assistant
  7. Caterer
  8. Tradesman
  9. Lawyer/solicitor
  10. Customer care/call centre

Taylor Morrison &#8211 a commentator of the British employment industry, written on behalf of Randstad Education, UK.