The Demand for International Schools in China is Booming According to Reports

International schools used to be small and marginalized within their host country. They were usually attended by expatriate families who were stationed there but wanted their children to have the education of their home country.

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However, more local families are using international schools where they study A-levels and International Baccalaureates. The demand for these schools has grown exponentially in China in the past few years as more students and families show an interest in attendance.

Path to Western Universities

Although based in Thailand, Brighton College’s Bangkok prep international school is just one example of a school that prepares their students for Western educations. Since many students and their parents want them to attend higher education in another country, it’s only natural that they would attend a more Western prep school in their own country. These schools have even started specifically targeting students who have these goals and play an important role in their educational goals.

Lower Stress for Students and Enriching Experiences

China has incredibly competitive public schools, and the students who attend these schools may not experience much diversity in their education. However, just attending an international school means that students will experience a broader range of ideas and ways of life. Although there is a cost associated with attending prep schools, they may actually be less competitive and be easier to attend. The end result is happier students who have a broader worldview.

Best of Both Worlds

In these foreign countries, many of the families want their children to be raised in a traditional manner while still experiencing this diversity. International schools often cater to the more traditional values of their host country with similar dress and rules of conduct. The schools may even offer a modified version of their native country’s educational system. This means that students will learn to appreciate their own country while attending high school.

Improving Foreign Language Skills

Being able to speak English fluently is a skill that can be a challenge. Even attending English classes or working with a tutor may not result in fluency. However, learning at an international school gives students a chance to hone their English skills and become proficient. They not only learn how to speak the language, but also to write with it, do mathematics and science, and gain the skills needed to succeed in an English-speaking country.

Improved College Acceptance Rates

The goal for many students who attend these international schools is to attend college in a different country. Since not all countries have the same academic standards, they may not recognize the academics of the student’s traditional education system. However, international schools use a broader system or provide equivalents that can be recognized throughout the world. This often makes it easier for students to apply and be accepted to college.


These are a few of the reasons why more students are seeking out an education at international schools. From a well-rounded education to greater opportunities in the future, both students and parents see the value of these educational systems in their country.