Questions About DWI Classes

If you’ve been charged with a DWI, there is a way that you can get through the charges without going to jail. The judge can order that you take court ordered classes online so that you learn about how drinking can impact the body and what a DWI can do to your criminal history. There are a few questions that you might have before taking the classes, which can help in making a decision about whether to complete them or whether to take some other type of punishment that is offered.

A DWI class is often required by the court or another organization. A general alcohol awareness class is usually taken voluntarily, but it does have a positive impact if you’re on probation or you know that you’re going in front of a judge on DWI charges. The alcohol awareness class could also be for those who have been arrested and charged with actions involving alcohol other than driving.

You might think that you have to wait to sign up for a DWI class. This isn’t true, and you should try to sign up as soon as possible so that you can show that you’re making a voluntary effort to seek help. Make sure the class is one that will be approved by the court instead of just any old class that teaches about the dangers of alcohol. It’s a good idea to get someone to sign a statement that you’re taking the class or print some kind of registration that you’re enrolled in the course.

One of the first things to do about the class is to get enrolled. Some classes are free, but the classes that are usually legitimate are those that have some kind of fee attached. There are usually quizzes that you’ll have to take and worksheets to complete related to the different topics that you’ll learn about in the course. Some online courses allow you to complete the work at your own pace while others have time requirements. If you’re ordered by the court to take a class, then you probably have to complete it by a certain time.