How To Help A Child Finding It Difficult To Read

What To Do When Your Child Is Struggling To Read

As a parent, you want the absolute best for your child. This means doing whatever you can to aid them when they are struggling. For some kids, the act of reading can be difficult. Since reading is a primary function of learning, this can lead to children feeling isolated and frustrated. Luckily there are mechanisms available for parents to utilize that can assist their children. Regardless of the child’s age, the first step should be to determine their reading level. There are¬†free reading screening assessments¬†available for this. Once known, other steps can be taken.

Address Their Anxiety

The first thing that you will want to address is their anxiety. A child struggling to read will undoubtedly be feeling a number of things including frustration, uneasiness, and the feeling that they are dumb. It is important to reassure them that they are ok so that they can settle down and focus on getting past their difficulties.

Implement Reading Aids

Children struggling to read will require more work and time than other children to gain the same results. As parents, you can help this process by implementing reading aids to reinforce what they are learning in school. These aids should be geared towards helping children focus on specific text, concentrate on specific words, and to easily transition from one line to the next.

Bring In Outside Help

Another option that is always available is to bring in extra help. This can come in a few forms. Good communication with the child’s teacher can lead to extra time and help to occur at school. Another option is to hire a tutor who specializes in helping kids with reading. This may be a better option because it provides personalized one on one time and attention. A tutor is better situated to identify and correct reading issues as they arise.

Children who struggle with reading isn’t an uncommon occurrence. It is important to ensure them that having this issue doesn’t make them less than other kids. They simply may have to put in a bit more work to obtain the same results.