Career Management: An Essential Track for Professional Progress

The dynamics of self-actualization needs result in the continuous drive for a better position in someone’s professional history. Keeping the track of professional record and evaluating annual progress is healthy to do. This is called career management strategy, a method to plan someone’s career development by setting goals, objectives, and possible tracks to reach the goals that is chunked into several steps to make it feasible to reach, i.e. short, medium, and long term. In a more formal way, it is the responsibility of human resource department to map an employee’s career plan. In an individual context, every professional is recommended to do this strategy to help them direct the dreams, achievements, and passions toward a set vision.


Career management is an important step for both the experienced professionals and fresh graduates. Without any doubt, such management will play great role in determining the quality of the career owned by someone in the future. Without proper management, it is next to impossible for someone to expect in having nice career. Well, when we are talking about the management, we also need to talk about the strategy.  This strategy allows professionals in every entrée stage, to reflect, evaluate and re-plan their career development. Whenever necessary, changes in careers are possible to do to climb up the ladder that is set previously through career management goals. This is to give directions and options to someone in measuring whether their progress make positive movements or there are aspects that need to be considered in order to keep the wheels moving.


Starting a career management method may be hard at the first time, especially for entrée levels professionals where seeking experience and adventurous jobs are still the center of the daily routines. Everything will look promising and even mistakes are still positively accepted as part of the process. When years pass, however, jobs need directions. It is no more daily routines, but it is passion.  Growing both personally and professionally is also a stage that for many people will require re-direction to keep the balance of both roles. All of which can be well-facilitated through making careful and continued career management effort.