Online Education: A Content-Focused Approach to Adult Education

Human being has several needs and according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the highest level of human’s need is self actualization. Expressing him/ herself is a privilege for those who are facing financial constraints since options might be limited. Online education has brought more affordable chances for personal and professional development to help people actualize themselves. The effectiveness of this type of education is seen from its feature that is content based which gives more room for knowledge and skills elaboration in the specific area of interests.


There are both degree and non-degree programs available for distance learning, courses in several interests are also easy to find. The nature of online education that requires independence and control at the same time makes this system works best to suit adults’ self-actualization needs. You can complete the entire MBA program online, without come to campus. Participating in distance learning may look easy and simple. In reality, the effectiveness and success of online learning are depending on these factors:


  1. 1.     Language competence

Most of good quality degree, non degree and course programs are available in English. The communication, materials, tutorials and assignments are all in English. To be successful in completing education through online delivery, one will need very good competence in English, especially in reading and writing. University enrollments also require this in the admission.


  1. 2.     Computer and internet skills

To be able to fully participate in the learning process, the skills in computer and internet in a must. Those who are interested in taking online education but limited in this skill will need to upgrade the competence first before applying. For simpler teaching materials delivery such as through e-mails, students at least have to know how to download and upload attachment in order to receive and send documents.


  1. 3.     Self-study skills

Independently managing time and organizing when to study and what time to write essays and papers, are the key skills in order to perform well and get the best out of online education system. There will be nobody to remind and request, the timetable is there and all depends on how good as well as discipline one follows the agenda. This might seem easy but failure to organize time and keep up with deadlines will be fatal.