The Importance of Homework for Children

For some children, they really hate homework. It is normal for them to ignore and even resist doing their homework. Because of it, parents and their children have a fight and lead to anger because their children did it often. The fight and anger between parents and children can harm the relationship between parents and children and their childhood educational process. As parents you must prevent anger and fight with your children because of their resistant doing homework. You should find a better way rather than force your children such as establishing certain routines, enabling good environments, encourage and support your children when they are performing and finishing their homework. Remember to review their homework when they have finished it. These advices actually can help your children minds and feeling so that they are motivated to do their responsibility.

Perhaps you already know that there is a debate about what is the benefit of homework for children, tasks after school. Whether it can give benefits for children or not, homework is a great method to give children learning about duties. Duty is essential for children educational process. Besides can give learning about duty, homework also has more positive aspects. It can help your children to establish responsibility habits and also discipline is small amount. Then it also can strengthen their mind to recall again what was learned during the class in the day. One the last is to strengthen the relationship between parents and children. Homework is actually parent’s task to give educational support for their children. However, children often delay or reluctant to finish their homework when they are home. They prefer playing rather than touch their homework. I will give you some tips and techniques to help you children not force to do their homework.

First you must provide a proper place or room for them to do their homework. The place does not have to be on the desk or on their room. As long as the place is comfortable and can provide easy access for your children for anything that they need. The place must be free from any distraction such as TV, phone, younger brother distraction, and so on. Then set specific hours on day, rules and schedule for them and you to do the homework. It is good to accompany them during doing their homework. Give some attention about their homework and their effort. Remember to teach them about the homework. You should know the homework also to give clear guidance to your children. Last avoid reward for them. If you do so, they will lost the essential of responsibility and duty of homework.