Things You Should Know To Make A Great Argumentative Writing

Reading an argumentative essay is a thing, but writing one will be a different case. You may found that seeing such a persuasive essay quite interesting. Especially with all the opinions, arguments, etc. However, writing one effective argumentative essay that can deliver your idea need a proper structure, reasoning, and evidence. To help you make great argumentative writing, check further all things you should be aware of in this article.

Starting From The Definition

Just like a persuasive essay, argumentative writing will take a stance on a particular issue. You will later have to convey your idea or opinion with all the arguments and reasoning. The basic purpose is to persuade the audience, to support and understand your point of view. How to do it? you will need to express your opinion in the correct order, brief but clear, at the same time stated or backed up with all related reasoning and shreds of evidence that believable.

An argument is quite common in daily life. Think about when you are arguing with parents, that is one example.  You may not believe or realize it, but when disagreeing something you will try to find some reasons. However, this type of argumentative essay writing is a common assignment for school. Especially, for high school and college. Most of the time, the essay will come around the topics of technology, science, politic, or health care.

The Type Of Arguments You Have To Know

If you want to make something persuasive, there are three types of arguments you can try. The classic or Aristotelian plan is the simplest and common. You will have to present the argument, opinion, and try to convince the audience. There is also Rogerian which states the problem, acknowledge it a tad bit, later tells that your idea is more beneficial. The third one is Toulmin, which you state the claim along with the backup along with justifying the fact. 

The Structure Of Argumentative Writing

A great and strong backbone is needed to stand tall and show what you got. In this case, argumentative writing needs a strong structure to be straightforward and easy to read. Thus, your opinion will be delivered correctly and followed by the audience. The main goal of this writing is to state your point of view and show the reasons. You can imagine, how if you want to argue but have nothing to support your idea. People will just brush off your opinion.

In this case, good argumentative writing should follow structure. The first is an introductory paragraph where you declare the outline of the topic, background information, and evidence. This paragraph will deliver a brief explanation of what you are going to say. In the first paragraph, you have to write down a one-sentence summary of your claim and opinion. This brief sentence known as the thesis statement is really important and needs to be addressed correctly.

After that, you have to explain all the ideas in the body paragraph. typically, there will be a total of more than three paragraphs that will state the reasons and evidence. Present the facts, examples, research, studies, etc. Each body contains a topic sentence, that says why the audience should agree. Make sure you write it down as clear and precise as possible. Then, end it with a conclusion as one paragraph that restates your thesis and summarizes it all.

Writing The Great Thesis Statement

After you understand the structure and how to tell your thought, now you should know how to write the thesis statement. It can’t be denied that the body paragraph contains all the explanations. But the head of the train is the thesis statement. It is just one sentence long yet it carries your view. Thus, you have to make a sentence that can deliver your point as interesting, as clear and as concise as possible. How to do it? try some of these ideas.

First, choose your claims (fact, value, definition, cause, and effect, or policy). Then, write it down as a question and answer. Set a big question and build up the answer through the thesis statement. You can also write the statement as an argument and refute it using the evidence. Even more, make a brief outline of your main opinion also a good option. All those options will pique reader interest, found your credibility, and show a clear idea of what you will discuss.

Those are things you should consider when you are starting to write an argumentative essay or writing and you can buy argumentative essay at The basic idea is to know what is this writing about. Know the function and the purpose of this type of essay. At the same time, you should aware of what you want to convey and how to deliver it. Along with the correct writing structure and thesis statement, highly possible that your ideas, arguments, reasoning, etc. will be delivered to the audience.