Tips to be Successful on Writing Your Own Thesis

Writing educational paper such as essay paper, thesis, or dissertation is somehow considered very difficult and frustrating. Mostly, this opinion comes out because not all students have ability to write such educational paper. The other factors may come from the lack of references and lack of compatible examples. Considering the fact that there are some negative factors that may affect the process of writing educational paper like writing thesis we will give you the tips how to be successful on writing your own thesis.


The first tip is insisting yourself not to delay the time when you must start writing. You should start writing your thesis as early as possible. The earlier you start, the faster you will finish your thesis writing. By starting your thesis writing earlier, you will have much time to think about your further writing. You will have enough time to arrange your thesis construction. It means that you should prepare three or four hours a day to start defining the topic of your thesis. Then, spend the rest of the week to arrange your thesis plan. You must do it in the first week after you get the announcement from your professor to start your thesis writing. The second tip is writing your own thesis quickly but structurally. In the beginning, you will get the thesis writing’s rules and requirements. What you need to do is understand those rules and requirements. After that, you can start developing your topic, finding the background, and defining the research objectives. You should make a target when you will finish this step. The third tip is arranging the research plan. Always remind yourself that the key point of successful thesis writing is the research. Without conducting the research, you will never get the valid data. According to the topic you pick, you should arrange how the research will be conducted. The fourth tip is always having consultation with your professor. Every draft you make and every plan you arrange, you should consult it to your professor. By doing so, you will know whether you are in the right way or not. The fifth tip is keep your data analysis linked to the literature review. Literature review is very important to your data presentation and discussion. Always connecting your data and discussion to the literature review is a must. The last tip is finding the reputable proofreader. After you finish writing your own thesis, it is time to check the content including the grammar. You need someone professional or someone who has very good grammar to check your thesis writing. Do not hesitate to spend a little and get a professional editor to proofread your work. Content and grammar checking is very important because by doing it you will be able to notice your mistakes.


To be successful on writing your own thesis does not require too many factors. You only need to be discipline and consistent. You should always remind yourself about your target and your goal. Besides, if you have problem in dealing with your thesis writing, do not be shy to meet your professor. Yet, do not forget to make an appointment first to make sure that the professor has enough time for you.