Tips to Make Your Children Love to Study

Some children like to study, while many of them hate to study very much. It is not something new and shocking, since children usually prefer to play with their friends, playing video games, rather than reading books and doing their homework. However, education is very important for them because it is related to their future, and childhood education is the basic one that will shape their mind about study and its importance. As parents, you should be the best motivator for them. However, you also cannot force them to study since it will make them feel afraid and then it leads them to hate studying. There are some tips to make your children love to study that you can try it at home.

The first tips to make your children love to study are that you have to make a special room to be their study room at home. You have to make that room feel comfortable and cozy for them in order to make them love the room and feel happy. Beside of the comfortable room to study, as parents you also have to accompany and guide them in study their lesson. It is quite important for you to guide and care to what they are study at, since it also one of the way you can monitor their ability.

The next tips to make your children love to study are that you have to accept any mark they get in school. Don’t be angry and blame them when they get bad mark in school and say that is because of their laziness, you have to make that bad mark as a strong factor for them to learn more and more. You have to motivate them to get a better mark for next time, and then you also have to continue in guiding them to study as a supporting factor for them in gaining better mark.