Tips to Make Your Writing Habit into Great Stories

Do you have writing hobby? If yes, you can make your hobby into something more amazing or even profitable for your income. Great writers or authors start their career from the writing hobby. With their capability in amalgamated the words, they can make great stories which will give money to their income. The more popular the story is, the more income they usually get. You can simply follow their career by expand your writing habit into some great stories which will not only make your writing skill better, but also will make you get money from it when your stories are published and getting popularity.

The first step you have to do in expanding your writing hobby is by writing your own experience or someone’s experience in a short story. By collecting many short stories, one day you want to expand the story into a novel, you can do it easier. You can start to make the series of the story which then will be expanded into a novel which consists of more papers and plots of the story. Using your imagination in writing the novel to be more alive and feel more interesting can make your story easily popular in society since people need something easy but meaningful as their easy reading.

The next step when you are finished in writing your story into a novel is that you can go to some publishers and ask them to publish your story. If you get one publisher who is willingly to publish your novel, then you also have to promote your own novel through media. The easiest way is by using the social media that you have as one of the marketing to introduce your novel to people. When many people know and interested to your novel, you are in a step to be a popular writer. The only key is that you have to brave in channeled your ideas into some great stories. By expanding your writing capability and writing hobby, who knows if you can be another popular writers such as J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Mayer? You can start it from zero and you will be a hero as the result.