Writing Services: Are They Worth Our Trust

If you’re a student, then you must know how important essay writing is in achieving your academic goals. From writing simple articles in junior high school to advanced thesis during the Ph.D. years, the way you write decides what grades you will get.

Over the past few years, students have started using different useful tools like plagiarism checkers or grammar checkers to good effect. The use of these tools don’t stop at just “check” services, students are now seeking online homework help on writing services where they are hiring essay writers for themselves. In fact, the industry is growing and developing really fast as we have platforms such as https://homeworkhelpdesk.org/pay-to-do-homework/, Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, Guru.com, and so on where students can hire local writers for help and get their tasks completed quickly.

Studies show that essay industry is most popular in regions such as New York, California, and Texas where most orders come from. Most popular institutions such as Berkeley, University of Houston, Stanford, Columbia, UCLA, and others from these states are known to have a fair share of their competitive systems. And since the academic writing system is becoming one of the most demanding aspects of the education system, it’s easy to understand the reason behind the constant development of the custom writing industry to help complete college homework.

But why do student actually choose to use one?

The answers to this question may vary but let’s look at the possibilities and options you have once you decide to hire writing services and what are they possible shortcomings.

For a student to whom English is a second language and engage in a part time job, opt to use these services. Others are just lazy and they need to get their work done on time. You will find that the quality of the international students isn’t great in most cases, so they opt to seek a homework helper.

Another category of students who may decide to use a writing service is those doing jobs. These students don’t find enough time to sit down and write essays that are required in school. So, to make sure they balance work and studying, they utilize these writing services to get their assignments done on time. As mentioned before, the lazy students also use these services since they don’t find it fun writing all the time. They would rather engage in a fun activity than sit down and write long and painful essays all day long. Another group of students who are among the frequent users of writing services is the masters and Ph.D. students and for a reason.  Writing a complete Ph.D. thesis requires a lot of work, and sometimes the student may get overwhelmed with the workload to an extent of getting exhausted. This is the moment the questions pop up, who will help me with my homework? They opt to hire competent writers to do the hard part which is researching and compiling a quality thesis until the final stage of submission. In short, they trust the professional writers from the writing services to write everything from scratch.

While most people don’t see anything wrong with getting help from a writing service or buying an essay paper online then using it as their own, it is the professors who believe that the process is a wrong way to get assignments done. Most of the writing services take the content from the student and then write an essay from scratch. Most professors indicate that although the students get the work done in the correct format and quality, they actually don’t fulfill the purpose of the writing the essay which is to enable the student to learn how to write one.

Can we trust the writing services?

If you’re a student with a workload of tasks in school that may end up draining your energy, you end up asking who will help with my homework. You can count on a reputable writing service to produce an authentic and well-written paper that will get good scores. Similar, if you’re a student struggling with completing a course in a specific subject, you can easily buy papers online to boost your overall grade. But, be aware that your professors will consider all this process as cheating and won’t accept them once they find out they were bought from a third party.

People who opt to use writing services to get their work done faster may be on the safer side when using them but they need to be aware that the subject of the task at hand is sensitive and should be kept confidential for their company.

Professors can accept the fact that students use grammar check tools and some other useful editing tools. But at the end of the day, they are the one who evaluates your essays, and it would be in your best interest to go according to what they want when you decide to do homework.

For students who are trying to strike a balance between work and studying, perhaps they could use some flexibility from the professors with the deadlines. They can talk to their teachers to inform them of their situation and come to an agreement on what will work for them.

After all, it is clear that the work and research of writing an essay are enormous, and there is too much pressure for the students to come up with impressive essays. Having a good writer to help would help students relieve the pressure and reduce the workload. So, having a good writing service to do the job might not be such a bad idea.

We cannot completely discard the work of writing services to help students in their academic work. They are good and cheaper alternatives, especially for international or part time students. But before settling for one, it’s important to do a little of research to see the rules and regulations of these companies.