Adult Parties With Lego Themes

The Lego birthday party does not have to be exclusively for kids. While the pieces of the long-time kids’ favorite toy are vivid primary colors that almost tempt anyone to pick up the parts and start playing, they can make for a unique party theme. Adults may be tempted to play with them, but they will mostly bring back fond childhood memories and insure guests have a good time. Here are some ways to incorporate a Lego theme into your next casual social gathering.

Party Hats
Of course, party hats are still a popular idea for the guest of honor no matter how old he is. It might be cumbersome to have a hat made of actual Legos, but there are plenty of suitable alternatives. Online templates allow for easy jet printing and the notable shapes can be embellished with glitter, hanging baubles and other adornments.

Display Holders
Lego blocks can be used to build a replica of almost anything you might be in the real world. People have used them to imitate iconic buildings, robots, bridges and cars. The same kind of constructions can be constructed for parties. Leaving a useful hole somewhere in the construction enables party planners to house drinking straws, napkins, toothpicks or any other accessories that make it easy to serve party food.

Make a Pinata
If you have ever wondered if there is a way to build a pinata without using lost of
paper and glue to make the papier maâché covering, Lego may be the viable alternative for you. Constructing a Lego design with a hollow is an easy task. Rather than using a stick to beat the Lego pinata until it breaks apart, though, it might be best to allow party guests to break the pinata apart with their hands. True Lego bricks are a lot harder than pinata material and may create injuries if they are burst apart like a traditional pinata.

The bright colors of Lego bricks make them a colorful party theme for adults and children alike. The possibilities for themes and uses are endless. The color scheme is already set for you. Simply keep the range of tastes of your guests in mind, reach for the first Lego brick and start building.